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Passion Project | Toddler with Heart Condition

Passion Project | Easton Frederiksen

Toddler with Heart Condition

I couldn’t bring myself to write this blog post because I didn’t think I could do Easton and his sweet family justice. I asked Rachelle if she could explain why these pictures were so important.

But I can tell you what I saw in Easton at the photo shoot which was nothing short of a lively toddler with the BIGGEST personality. He made his brother laugh. He made his mom cry. And his dad had the proudest smile all night. Easton is so loved and such a miracle boy. The words I use to describe him will never be as deep as his mama’s words.

Down below are Rachelle’s words for why this photoshoot was so important to her.

Toddler with Heart Condition

In Mama’s Words

At our 20 week ultrasound, we found out my youngest, Easton, would be born with half a heart. We knew choosing to help him live his life would be a difficult journey. No one could imagine the amount of happiness and joy this journey with him would add to our life, too. Easton has his third open heart surgery this fall and it’s the last life prolonging surgery they have for him.

They say it isn’t an ideal surgery, and a lot of medical issues arise after this surgery, but it’s the only option they have. He will at some point need a heart transplant and you just pray that when that time comes he is eligible and that there is a heart available, but you also know what that means for another family.

At this point, we are just so grateful he is still here with us. As a photographer pictures have always meant a lot to me. They have the ability not only to capture a moment in time, but relationships and emotions. I knew my heart needed family pictures before his surgery. In all honesty, I’m terrified I’m going to lose my boy and having pictures brings me great comfort.

Hiliary captured our relationship with our boys perfectly. Life with them is just plain fun. She captured our love as a family, our love for Easton, and his personality so well. We have always said his personality fits his situation. He is adventurous, brave, silly, and happy. He knows his life is going to be short so he lives it to the fullest. Hiliary caught all of that and I’m just in love with our photos. It brought tears to my eyes to know I have these beautiful pictures to bring me comfort in the years to come.”

Cue all the tears. Rachelle and I met through photography. I consider her a dear friend. I can’t imagine walking her path with all the concerns she has to have for Easton. I’m so grateful that she trusted me with these pictures. I’m going to be praying as fiercely as I can for their little family during this next season of surgery that they have to go through.

September 10, 2018

Kylee Ann Team

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