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Photos for Grandma | Jenson Family

At Kylee Ann Studios, I am known for capturing that awesome photo with everyone happy and looking at the camera for grandma to print for her wall! Our extended family sessions are perfect for this because we capture all the pretty photos for grandma to print for her house!

It is also fun to capture some candid, fun family photos and make lots of memories! At the Jenson family photos, we spent some time having some fun and taking fun candid pictures at their extended family session. We were at Jordan Pines in Salt Lake City. It was gorgeous!!

Photos for Grandma Photos for Grandma Photos for Grandma

We had all of the original siblings make a pyramid. Another candid shot we did was of everyone walking towards the camera interacting with each other. Some people were holding hands, some people were on shoulders, and some kids were being held! It was so fun to see everyone interact together and be silly together!!

If you are willing to spend the time, we can capture lots of goodness for the happy looking at the camera shots, but also some fun candid stuff at the end! I know a lot of people don’t love getting their pictures taken, but it’s fun to make these silly memories and have these fun photos!  Photos for Grandma

A lot of the time, these extended family groups can’t get together often because of distance, work schedules and life being so busy. The photos really are cherished forever when you don’t get to see your siblings, parents, grandkids and nieces and nephews very much!

These photos were especially important to the matron of the family Mary, she cried to me and told me how important family is to her and all about the fun they had been having for this family reunion! It was July, but she had put together an Easter hunt for them to make memories with her grandkids!

Photos for Grandma

Life is all about family and making memories together! This extended family photo session was so special and the photos are priceless!!

October 17, 2022

Kylee Ann Team

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