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Ryan and Meghann | SLC Library Pictures

Ryan was weeks away from graduation and going on dates in between job interviews, final tests and planning for the future. He had no idea that a blind date right in March would change everything for him. Meghann and Ryan’s fathers are mutual friends and they got it in their heads that their kids up at USU should go to dinner together and get to know each other. Ryan had a blast that first night and knew that she was different than every other girl he’d ever met. Something that was different grew into something that was new, fresh and eternal. It didn’t take long to fall in love with Meghann and her down to earth, positive and happy outlook on life. It became suddenly so clear that not only was this thing real, but both of their dreams lined up with each other’s. It totally helped that they both thought each other were pretty cute. ;) A few weeks ago, Ryan used the end of school and his changing schedule to set up his proposal. She thought he was busy one Thursday night when she was out on a final girl’s night with her BFF. They headed up to a pretty overlook where you could see the temple on a hazy day and she was surprised to find her sweetheart with the most beautiful ring from Morgan Jeweler’s.
A few weeks ago we headed south to take their engagements in downtown Salt Lake City. Both Meghann and Ryan love the city vibe with a little bit of earthy fusion. They scouted out the perfect location at the SLC Public Library. We spent a gorgeous evening at the Library campus where they giggled and joked the whole time. They fit so perfectly together and I can’t get enough of Meghann’s amazing hair and cute personality. I loved shooting in a newer vibe that matched the couple so completely. Also, I can’t not mention her ring and how much I love it. One of my favorite parts of my job is all the different types of rings and this one is one of my favorites this year! Can’t wait for July at the Logan Temple with this couple!!
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May 29, 2016

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