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Summer Family Photo Outfits | Harvey 2022

It was so fun to meet the Harvey Family! Like everyone else getting their family photo taken, they had added a bunch of new grandkids since their last family photos and were ready for an updated picture! All of the kids looked stinkin’ adorable at this family photo session! Be prepared to screenshot this blog for summer family photo outfits inspiration.

The outfits were PERFECTION! They mixed denim, beige and white which is perfect for an easy family photo color pallet. Most people have those colors and it is easy to plan when you have so many people! The women wore flattering dresses and it looked fantastic with the background at denzil stewart nature park. The pretty light and greenery at this extended family session turned out great. This was an easy location for them because they didn’t have to travel too far and it is a pretty controlled environment for lots of little children!

Summer Family Photo Outfits

I loved that the Harvey Family included their puppies! They matched the color pallet and were fun little accessories!

One of the sons-in-law is a twin! I actually got to take his twin brother’s photos later that night in Logan Canyon! I can’t say enough how fun it has been to make new connections and new friends this summer. I feel so extremely grateful.

Summer Family Photo Outfits

I know everyone always needs help planning outfits for extended family photos! I am going to share some tips and tricks to coordinating this and making it all come together

  1. Mix up the bottoms for the boys and men! You can see in these photos that there is a mix of light denim, dark denim and beige! That is a great way to add some contrast and variety to the family photos.

  2. Have the women wear different dress styles in the colors of denim, beige and white. This will also add variety and contrast! The different dress styles will look really flattering and add texture to your photos

  3. Do the same thing with the tops for the boys and men! You can see that the family has white shirts, denim shirts and beige shirts. It is all so soft and aesthetically pleasing. They also added a couple really soft, light patterns that added more texture and variety

  4. Don’t forget to accessorize! Have the men wear their favorite watches, women wear jewelry, and little girls wear hair bows!

Summer Family Photo Outfits

October 3, 2022

Nicole Erickson

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