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Turner Family | Tips to Keep Kids Happy During Family Photos

Turner Family | Tips to Keep Kids Happy During Family Photos

When it comes to photographing a lively bunch of kids, the process can sometimes become a bit challenging. Fidgety little ones may not be the most cooperative subjects, but fear not! There are so many creative ways to engage those little ones ensuring not only a successful photoshoot, but also a fun and memorable experience for the whole family!

The wonderful Turner family from this fall scheduled an extended family photo session with Abi in Farmington! Mom was a little bit worried about her little boys, but we got some of the greatest smiles out of them! We are so quick, and have so many tricks up our sleeves. Mom and Dad also brought some familiar items and props from home, which helped a lot! Here are some tips to keep kids happy during family photos.

tips to keep kids happy during family photos.

Incorporate Props and Toys

Bring a touch of playfulness to the photoshoot by incorporating props and toys that resonate with the kids. Whether it’s a favorite stuffed animal, a funky hat, or even a bubble machine, these additions can add an element of excitement and distraction, making it easier for kids to stay engaged and entertained.

tips to keep kids happy during family photos.

Make It a Game

Turn the photoshoot into a game to keep the kids entertained and cooperative. Create challenges like “who can strike the silliest pose” or “freeze tag” moments where everyone has to pause for a quick shot. Making it interactive not only captures genuine expressions but also turns what could be a tedious process into a delightful adventure.

Bring Snacks

A well-timed snack break can do wonders in keeping kids focused and happy. Pack some of their favorite snacks and schedule breaks strategically throughout the photoshoot. Not only will it give the kids something to look forward to, but it also provides a brief pause for everyone to relax and regroup.

Choose a Playful Location

Select a photoshoot location that offers natural opportunities for play and exploration. The environment of your session itself can be a source of entertainment for the kids, allowing them to be more at ease and expressive. At this session, we were jumping off rocks, running through the tall grass, and even watched a few deer run through the trees!

tips to keep kids happy during family photos.

Play Music

We love an Elsa or Lightning McQueen dance party! Create a lively atmosphere by playing the kids’ favorite music! Not only does it add energy to the session, but it can also serve as a fun soundtrack for the entire family, creating a positive and upbeat vibe.

tips to keep kids happy during family photos.

Get Candid

Sometimes the best shots come from unscripted, candid moments. Allow the kids to be themselves, encouraging genuine smiles and laughter. Candid shots capture the authenticity of the moment and often result in some of the most memorable family pictures. These candid shots are most oftentimes my favorite because you can see those personalities!

tips to keep kids happy during family photos.

By incorporating props, turning the photoshoot into a game, and embracing the natural exuberance of little kids, you can create lasting memories that reflect the true spirit of your family. So, the next time you gather for a family photoshoot, remember to have fun! It can turn your photo session into an enjoyable experience for your whole family!

January 10, 2024

Abi Kennard

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