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Extended Family Photo Session in Salt Lake City

Extended Family Photo Session in Salt Lake City

We love that so many of you find it important to document your extended family through family photos, but achieving that picture-perfect harmony in outfits can be a daunting task for so many people. Coordinating extended family picture outfits requires a blend of creativity, communication, and a touch of organization!

This wonderful extended family did an incredible job of coordinating and planning their outfits for their recent extended family photo session in Salt Lake City! The Utah State Capitol provided a great, neutral, and architectural background. Their outfits were so classy!

extended family photo session in Salt Lake City extended family photo session in Salt Lake City

Here’s my tips for coordinating and planning your outfits for your upcoming extended family photo session:

  1. Establish a Color Scheme Start by deciding on a color scheme that reflects your family’s personality and the overall mood you want to convey in the photos. Whether it’s a classic neutral scheme in those warm summer months, warm jewel colored pallete in the fall, choosing a unifying element will set the tone for your pictures.
    extended family photo session in Salt Lake City extended family photo session in Salt Lake City
  2. Consider the Setting/Location

    Factor in the location and season of your photoshoot when selecting outfits. Light and airy fabrics work well for summer sessions, while warmer, layered clothing is ideal for fall or winter shoots. The goal is to ensure everyone is comfortable and appropriately dressed for the conditions. It is also important to choose a color scheme that will look wonderful in your home with your own home decor!

  3. Avoid Matchy-Matchy & Aim for Coordination While wearing identical outfits might seem like a straightforward solution, it’s often more visually appealing to coordinate colors and styles. Encourage family members to choose complementary shades within your chosen color scheme and mix textures and patterns for added depth.
    extended family photo session in Salt Lake City
  4. Dress for the Individual Acknowledge and celebrate each family member’s unique style. Allow them to express their personalities through their outfits, while still adhering to the established theme or color palette. This approach ensures that everyone feels comfortable and confident during the photoshoot. In my experience, everyone is happier if they feel comfortable and dress like themselves!
  5. Communicate and Share Ideas Don’t forget to communicate with your extended family members! Open communication is key to a successful coordination effort. Create a group chat or email thread where family members can share outfit ideas, seek advice, and ensure everyone is on the same page. Sharing visual inspiration, such as color swatches or outfit combinations, can be especially helpful.
    extended family photo session in Salt Lake City
  6. Plan Ahead Avoid last-minute stress by planning outfits well in advance. This allows time for shopping, or closet searching! This also allows you to have your outfits prepped, ready, ironed, and laid out the day before your session – which we always recommend!
  7. Professional Guidance If coordinating outfits becomes overwhelming, ask us for advice and help! As photographers, we have a lot of experience in what works well on camera and can provide valuable insights to ensure your family looks stunning in every shot!

January 8, 2024

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