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Tony Grove Summer Pictures – Thompson

We love these Tony Grove Summer Pictures  with the Thompson family! Cannot believe that Brody was younger than Wyatt when I first met the Thompsons! The Thompsons always have the best outfits! The patterns and textures add so much!

Keep reading to learn how to prepare for family pictures like their Tony Grove Summer Pictures!

Choosing the right family photographer and preparing for your session can make a big difference in the outcome of your pictures. In this blog post, we’ll share some tips on how to prepare for family pictures with a family photographer.

1. Dress Up

First and foremost, make sure everyone in the family is dressed up for the occasion. This doesn’t mean you have to wear formal attire, but something that’s a step above your everyday clothes. For example, a nice blouse or collared shirt for the adults, and coordinated outfits for the kids. Don’t forget a little extra make-up and some grooming for the men to look sharp.

2. Choose Complementing

Colors Choosing clothing that complements each other is key. Start with one outfit that you (or someone in the family) love and add accents that go well with the main color. Use different tones and shades of colors to add some variety, but stick with the same color palette. Beware of too many patterns though – it can make the picture look too busy.

3. Avoid Distracting Clothing

Big logos, slogans, and writing on clothing can take attention away from the people in the picture. Avoid wearing clothes with anything that might be considered distracting.

4. Accessorize

Adding accessories can make all the difference in making your photos more unique and personal. Think jewelry, hats, scarves, watches, belts, and jackets. Wearing accessories can add interest and texture to the photos.

5. Wear Clothing You Are Comfortable In

Being comfortable is just as important as looking good. Choose clothing you feel comfortable and confident. If you’re not comfortable in something, it’s going to show in the pictures, so it’s best to go with something you love and feel good wearing.

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January 29, 2024

Kylee Maughan

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