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Utah Brand Photography FAQs

Utah Brand Photography | Frequently Asked Questions

Content. Brands ALWAYS need more content. Brand owners already wear so many hats, such as designing, packaging, shipping, marketing, customer service and more. I know there is never enough time to create the amount of content you need..

That is where we come in.

We created brand photography packages to take the planning and stress out of content creation. No more last minute sessions, iPhone shots announcing new products or missed opportunities.

1. YOU ship us a box of product and fill out our detailed questionnaire.
2. WE plan everything
— schedule models, set up the studio, steam the product, organize and style the shoot, take the photos, edit the photos, pay the models in product and deliver back a complete gallery.
3. YOU have GORGEOUS photos
for social, website, shop, catalogs, email blasts, Pinterest and more!

All small businesses can get beautiful, highly converting personalized images with our brand packages

Does that mean you only work with local brands? 

We are not just doing Utah Brand Photography! Only about 10-15% of our brands are local. We work with brands all over the United States AND even have many international brands. You can ship us your product from anywhere. In fact, most of our clients do and prefer it that way.

Utah Brand Photography FAQs

How do you find your models? 

We have an awesome local network of models — from babies through adults. Most of our models are your everyday photogenic mom and babies for very realistic looking brand photography – not too posed or forced. We love working with normal everyday people that are relatable to your target client.

Utah Brand Photography FAQs

What is the best way to plan a brand shoot?

We make it super easy! You can do it all from wherever you are right now.

  1. Schedule a date for your brand shoot.
  2. We will send you a questionnaire and booking info to get your your vision, goals and ideas for the shoot. 
  3. We schedule models, outfits and plan sets that fit your vision.
  4. You ship us your product.
  5. We edit these beauties to full perfection.
  6. We will return them within a week.
  7. You post them all over the gram, print them for your next show and plaster them on your website.

Utah Brand Photography FAQs

What does your sessions include?

Every session is going to be specific to your personal needs. 

  • Searching for models
  • Styling
  • Steaming clothing
  • Sorting clothes by model size
  • Changing models
  • Fixing hair, straightening product, adjusting models
  • Lifestyle photos
  • Creative flat lays
  • Clean product photography
  • Editing photography with a consistent look
  • Organizing the photos into an online gallery for their social media manager, wholesale accounts, etc
  • and more

Utah Brand Photography FAQs

Do I have to pay the models?

Most of our models are very generous and only ask for product and photos as payment. We ask that you let the models take home the products they modeled. 

In special circumstances (such as working with If samples that need to be returned), you may include a return label and pay in cash ($50) or product credit ($50) instead. That needs to be arranged ahead of time.

Utah Brand Photography FAQs

What’s the difference between flat lay and product images? 

Flat lays are styled pictures of your product on different colored backdrops. We love to add in other non-competing products from the studio, greenery, seasonal props and more. Flat lays are styled in a way that fits your brand and the current season.


  • new products
  • giveaways
  • collaborations
  • instagram stories
  • social media posts
  • announcing sales
  • email marketing
  • sets and new pairings
  • shop images

Utah Brand Photography FAQs

Product photos are focused JUST your product – typically done on white or a very neutral backdrop.


  • focusing on the color and features of the product
  • clean and cohesive shop images
  • selling on amazon Amazon

What are lifestyle images used for?

  • showing the fit or use of the product
  • showing how multiple pieces fit together
  • creating emotional images to market to your target market
  • creating an interesting and engaging social media feed and website

How do you pick the style of shoot? 

Our questionnaire will ask you what type of style you’re looking for. In our studio, we have two options. You can choose the studio look which is clean and product focused. These type of images are best for: 

  • Shop Images
  • Announcing a new product
  • Mixed into social media
  • Stories

We also offer a more home look, which is a bit cozier and shows the product in use in more natural ways. These are great for:

  • Social Media
  • Email campaigns
  • Ads⠀

How do I make my brand photography stand out?

The brands with the most unique shoots, spend a little extra time and money making it unique.

  1. Create a mood board or Pinterest board

  2. Invest in extras – props or outfits to style your models

  3. Be very specific on the questionnaire with what you want. Colors you love or don’t love. Dos, don’ts. Preferences. 

  4. Pick a theme for your shoot

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Utah Brand Photography


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April 9, 2021

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