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Washington Wedding Photographer | Seattle Temple

Washington Wedding Photographer | Seattle Temple

Can you tell we’re a little bit stoked to be married?! All my dreams came true in one day & it’s been Four Years in the Making! Every one of those years has brought into our life more love, affection, appreciation and an abundance of blessings. Some of those blessings include being sealed in the Seattle temple, having my dream Washington wedding, and meeting & getting to know many of the amazing people you see here. Seattle is an important place for us. (Which is why we did our first look in the heart of downtown Seattle). And even though we’re living in Utah at the moment, we couldn’t imagine getting married anywhere else.

The Seattle Temple


The Best Part

During her speech, my mom looked out at the 100+ people who came to celebrate Yanni and I, and talked about how much we both care about each of them. How much time and effort and thought we put into not only each decoration, but each invitation. Each person was so carefully considered and graciously invited. Too many people. At least a few dozen more than the building would hold (oops…).

Hiliary said the same thing, later in a text. That she could tell how much we cared about each person who came to our wedding, how individually touched we were to greet each of them, and thank them. We love Hiliary, because she’s been such a close friend to our family and to me.

There was one point in the ring ceremony when the younger of the flower girls had an epiphany. You see, we had taught them what to do going down the aisle but nobody told them that they were supposed to leave the petals on the floor. So like good little girls they tried desperately to pick up every single rose petal and put them back in their basket.


Hiliary said:

I would just add how much she loved everyone and wanted to include everyone. Someone came up to me and told me that I handled the kids being in the aisle well and I said back “oh I just knew Brooklyn wouldn’t have it any other way. She loves her people so much”. Hiliary knows us well. We love our people.

Our People

I loved looking into the eyes of my love, Mr. Yanni Beckdol, and to see his love and admiration there. But I also loved looking into the eyes of my parents, my new parents & sister & brother, my high school friends & college friends who drove hours to be there. Cousins who spent months planning, parents of old friends and aunty’s uncles & cousins who got the invite last week but still forgave us for being so last minute (oops…). Teachers & teammates & co workers & neighbors & members of my church family and his.



I can not express in words how much I adore our parents, our bridesmaids and groomsmen, all our families, our flower girls and ring bearers and ushers and all the sweet helpers that spent so much time carefully and considerately helping with the small & large details. It was a perfect day.

I think it was the best day of my life.

Wedding Dress: Petals and Promises Bridal; Logan, Utah

Lucy Alterations added sleeves, which made all the difference

Venue: The South Sound Manor

Hair & Makeup by Maskcara Artist: Lauren Pace

April 10, 2019

Kylee Ann Team

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