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The Uncomfortable Battle of Groomsman vs Wedding Crashers | Ogden Temple Wedding

Ogden Temple Wedding

It started out as any other temple wedding, but the drama ensued later when unnamed wedding crashers disguised as guests crashed the party. I’ve never seen a groomsman act so fast in the face of trouble at a wedding. It was hilarious and slightly uncomfortable to watch the battle that ensued all play out.

When we first arrived, the sun was bearing down on us hard. It didn’t take long before the bride & groom exited with big grins, the family cheered and the kids went running to hug their handsome prince & gorgeous princess. The weather was so hot, so while pictures were happening, the kids sat along the fountain and soaked their fingers and toes. As the second shooter, I had my camera ready just in case one of them tumbled in… Luckily there were no casualties and we walked across the street to the stunning venue to escape the heat of the day.

The meal was delicious but when we finished eating, it wasn’t long before the room was transformed into a reception hall and the doors started swinging open. Guests lined up along the windows and inched forward to congratulate the happy couple–who genuinely and patiently greeted every guest warmly for 3 hours. I could tell these two were loved by their communities and families.

The Wedding Crashers

At one point a cute young couple walked in and stood in the receiving line. He wore a blue shirt and he had a black jumper on. They were adorable together, so I noticed them at once and walked over to take their picture. The girl noticed me taking her picture. Instead of posing like most people would do, she looked awkwardly at her boyfriend, who avoided her eye contact, and mine. I took the picture anyways and moved on. Several times over the course of the next hour, I took their picture, and every time the reaction from the couple was the same–awkward. It didn’t take long for the groom’s sister to overhear a conversation between them. An insulting and unwelcome conversation where their identity as wedding crashers was discovered.

Worlds Best Groomsman

I’m the kind of person who lets stuff like this go in order to avoid confronting people. But one groomsman, who happened to also be the groom’s brother, wouldn’t have it! After a brief whispered conversation between the siblings, he strode over to the table where the couple sat alone to discover what he could. I was on a mission to capture the whole thing while the rest of the family watched & laughed at their brother & the horrified couple.

He made a case for himself, but in the end, as soon as the groom’s interrogation was over, they got up and left through the back door like criminals. The groomsman then proceeded to follow them out to make sure they didn’t steal anything on the way out. That groomsman/brother of the groom/bouncer was a hero that day.

A note to wedding crasher’s everywhere: If you’re going to do it, don’t insult the family–that’s just tacky! And also try not to look so suspicious and awkward. It doesn’t help you and looks bad in the pictures.

Ashley & Joe

Ashley and Joe are photographic professionals by now, after their adorable engagements and gorgeous bridals. It was a blast to be at the wedding with their family and to finally meet the beautiful people I’d only seen in pictures. The kids were posing every time they saw a camera pointed in their direction. There was dancing and music and beauty all around. The feeling was an extension of the love and pure contentment that the bride and groom were radiating all night from where they stood, hand in hand. Amidst the chaos and drama, there wasn’t a moment of stress or worry between them. True love conquers in the end.

Written by:Brooklyn Falter

July 26, 2018

Kylee Maughan

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