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Wellsville Mountains Engagement Session | KAP by Rachel

The story starts 4 years ago for Cami and Dallin. He was recently returned from an LDS mission in Japan and she was the new girl on BYU campus. They both participated in choir and began a wonderful friendship. A few years past which included a mission to Alberta for Cami and graduation and starting a new business in another country for Dallin. Their relationship was rekindled during the holidays last year, and its been blissful ever since. Dallin has been hard at work building his business in Paraguay, teaching people about entrepreneurship and business. He flew Cami down to visit a few weeks ago. He took her to all the coolest spots that Paraguay has to offer, but didn’t have plans to propose. After spending time at the temple, a very special and sacred place to them, he popped the question. They bought matching rings at the Paraguay market. It is the perfect story for the perfect couple.

Cami has been planning a wedding, while her fiancé has been living out of the country. Obviously that has its challenges, and he came up to visit this past weekend for only 4 days. Luckily, it was easy to squeeze them into my busy spring schedule (I’d much rather spend my evenings with beautiful couples than with Netflix ;) ). I got a little nervous when I walked out and found that it was pouring in my usual go to canyons, so we made a last minute change of plans and met up in Mendon, UT. It was a stroke of fate, because the Wellsville mountains were showing off their beauty in full force. Creamy light, mixed with the most gorgeous blond haired bride, and the most charismatic groom I’ve ever met. But really, that hair, I can’t get over it!! They definitely make me think of Rapunzel and Flynn Ryder (Yep, I’m definitely a nanny!) From the very beginning we chatted all about their stories, my story, and then went instantly into cracking jokes, teasing and having a blast. Dallin wins the award of being the most energetic groom I’ve ever met, and it made all the difference! He had Cami laughing the entire time and their dance moves are some of the best I’ve seen! Seriously their energy was so refreshing and I couldn’t get enough of how easily they snuggled, swayed and loved each other. I learned early on in their session that I shouldn’t take my camera off my eye, cause they were constantly being so cute! I think I could have hung out with them all night long. I’m so excited to get to be a part of their love story!! Enjoy!

Rachel by Kylee Ann Phorography_1423 Rachel by Kylee Ann Phorography_1407Rachel by Kylee Ann Phorography_1410 Rachel by Kylee Ann Phorography_1422 Rachel by Kylee Ann Phorography_1408 Rachel by Kylee Ann Phorography_1409 Rachel by Kylee Ann Phorography_1428 Rachel by Kylee Ann Phorography_1415 Rachel by Kylee Ann Phorography_1411 Rachel by Kylee Ann Phorography_1416 Rachel by Kylee Ann Phorography_1430 Rachel by Kylee Ann Phorography_1412 Rachel by Kylee Ann Phorography_1413 Rachel by Kylee Ann Phorography_1424 Rachel by Kylee Ann Phorography_1417Rachel by Kylee Ann Phorography_1414Rachel by Kylee Ann Phorography_1427 Rachel by Kylee Ann Phorography_1420 Rachel by Kylee Ann Phorography_1429 Rachel by Kylee Ann Phorography_1425Rachel by Kylee Ann Phorography_1419Rachel by Kylee Ann Phorography_1432Rachel by Kylee Ann Phorography_1426

Logan Wedding Photographer | Wellsville Mountains Engagement Session | KAP by Rachel

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Now brides who love the quality, service and unique style of Kylee Ann Photography, but have a limited budget can still receive many of the benefits that come from the Kylee Ann brand.

Rachel is our second photographer. Not only is her photography similar to Kylee Ann’s, but she’s been apart of our business for the last year. She’s been mentored by Kylee, attended several workshops and is completely comfortable with the ins and outs of the entire experience we offer here. All work will be edited and completed through Kylee.

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March 28, 2016

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