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What to Wear to A Summer Photo Session | Conner Family

So you’ve done photos in the fall before dressed in sweaters and boots, and fun pajamas pictures for last year’s Christmas card.  But you have always wondered what would be best to wear for a summer photo session.  There’s no need to wonder any more!What to Wear to A Summer Photo Session What to Wear to A Summer Photo Session What to Wear to A Summer Photo SessionThis family showed up to their Bear Lake Family Session in the perfect color scheme.  The pale pinks and whites were the perfect contrast for the blue water and sky.  On top of that, the tans and earth tones made for a monochromatic touch when put against the sandy backdrop.  Then the small pops of blue helped the color of the water stand out even more!

What to Wear to A Summer Photo Session The way they mixed fancy (dresses and button up shirts) and casual clothes (like jeans) helps them look their best, but also adds a feeling of comfort to the photos.  If you don’t get anything else from this, at least remember this.  This is very important.  The most important thing is that you are showing off your true self.  You can have the perfect outfits, but if you don’t feel like you can just be you in them, that isn’t what you should be wearing to your session.

What to Wear to A Summer Photo Session Along with that, don’t be afraid to get in the water, and get dirty in the sand either!  Photo shoots aren’t just about getting pretty photos for your wall.  I promise!  They are about making memories too!  I can guarantee that these kids will always remember the time when they got all dressed up and got to wade through the water with their parents in their best clothes.  You will always remember the splashes, and the sandy bums, and the snuggles after they got chilled.  Every time you walk past those photos on your wall you will smile just a little.  Or maybe a lot.

What to Wear to A Summer Photo Session

October 11, 2021

Alycia Loftus

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