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4 steps to help prepare for your family beach session! | Huntington Beach family pictures

4 steps to help prepare for your family beach session!

Featuring Huntington Beach Family Pictures

Shooting family pictures on the comes with its own complications. Sometimes it can steer people away from having family pictures taken there. However, I have four tips to help you plan your family beach photos and to make sure everything goes as smoothly as possible! 


Anything from long flowy dresses to casual t-shirts and jeans. This will keep your pictures timeless and classic.

Neutrals will compliment the surrounding cool toned color palette the ocean provides, from the sand to the sea. Subtle tones of white/tan/blue/green/pink will be the perfect colors to incorporate to your shoots. Not a fan of those colors? You can really make any color work, as long as you find it in it’s softest hue/saturation!


Shooting on the beach can provide a lot of beautiful reflection. Small prints and stripes rather than large and busy prints are better to keep the mellow stage less busy and more about your family!  Flowy maxi dresses, cropped chinos, slouchy T’s are all great options for a “put together” casual, effortless beach look. Don’t wear clothes you’re afraid to get wet! Getting wet will be unavoidable and makes the best candid moments! 

Huntington Beach family pictures Huntington Beach family pictures Huntington Beach family pictures


There are so many worries when it comes to your hair and the beach! Flat or Frizz are usually the polar enemies. 

Falling flat?

If your hair falls flat as soon as it experiences humidity, come to your session with clean hair. This will help keep as much volume as possible.  A good way to keep that volume is a wavy textured look.  Use a waving iron. After blow drying that morning, add some dry shampoo and texturizer. Or throw in some french braids until your shoot and reapply dry shampoo and texturizer when you get there! Even if the waves fall out, you’ll still have that messy wavy look. 

Funky Frizz?

If you’re afraid of frizz, don’t wash your hair the day of. The natural oils from your hair will help combat that humidity! After that, throw the classic braid in to help hold down those locks down! 

Sometimes the wind picks up pretty strong. While we all love the wild, crazy, beach hair look, it can be annoying when it’s in your mouth and eyes, and those are the hardest to photoshop. Don’t be afraid of the side braid, or if you still want your long locks flowing, try a half up/half down style maybe with a few braids or a low loose bun to help hold down those crazy fly aways.  

Huntington Beach family pictures Huntington Beach family pictures Huntington Beach family pictures


Bring dry clothes for the ride home! You will get wet, you will get sandy! Bring along some towels and blankets for the little ones that will get cold. 

Pro tip: bring a bottle of baby powder to sprinkle on sandy feet before getting back into the car. The dust will help wipe away the wet sand and keep it from acting as sandpaper on your poor delicate skin! 

Huntington Beach family pictures


Don’t feel bad about bringing a grandma/friend/auntie to help juggle all the items and the children across the beach. It’s always nice to have extra hands so we can get pictures of mom and dad alone together! 

In conclusion, beach sessions can be so fun and so beautiful. I hope this information can help you prepare for your next beach family session, and above all, it’s meant to help you take it easy and have fun during the session!


October 8, 2021

Shelby Preston

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