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Baptism Photos in Logan Utah

Taking baptism photos in Logan Utah is so fun for little kids preparing to get baptized!

We took Finn’s baptism photos in the evening at the temple in the pretty light. Finn was so sweet and fun to work with! He is a photogenic boy and was excited to take pictures before his baptism!

Baptism Photos in Logan Utah

Sometimes it is hard to think of poses for boys for baptism photos. I like to make sure their suit looks nice in every photo!

I am going to share some different and fun poses for boys’ baptism photos to change it up!

Baptism Photos in Logan Utah

  1. Have the boy take off his suit jacket and hold it over his shoulder using his index finger. They might need a little tutorial, but this turns out so cute!

  2. Have them run towards you laughing and smiling! The movement captures so well and there is nothing cuter than a happy little boy running!

  3. Have them squat or kneel down. They also might need a little training for this one, but it breaks up the standing photos with a different pose!

  4. Find something for them to lean up against. They will think they are cool. This is a fun pose for boys getting baptized! The Logan Temple has a lot of options for things to lean up against.

Baptism Photos in Logan Utah
After we are done with getting all of the shots we need for baptism photos, I like to give the boys an opportunity to pick some locations and poses that they want to do! Finn was so creative and had a lot of good ideas. He picked a really cool tree to stand  by and we got a lot of great smiles!!

Baptism Photos in Logan Utah

I love when parents book a baptism session with a professional photographer. These kids just grow too fast and it is so great to document them at this fun age in an adorable outfit!

August 29, 2022

Nicole Erickson

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