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Bride Vendor Spotlight • Basic Invite


I hope you are ready for lots of Googly Heart Eyes 😍 Today I am spilling the beans about one of my absolute FAVORITE invitation shops – Basic Invite! This company has been serving brides for over 10 years. Which means they know what they are doing. You can rest assured that their quality & company is reliable. They are located in St. George, Utah but are working with brides throughout the country. Brides (and their photographers) RAVE about Basic Invite. Their invitations are to die for, and the customer service cannot be beat! Read below for the 5 reasons I always recommend Basic Invite.

Basic Invite Best Wedding Invitations Customizable      Basic Invite Custom Wedding Invitations St. George Utah      


I am a girl who needs options… Especially when it comes to wedding invitations! For my own wedding I spent HOURS trying to rummage through Pinterest and Insta for the perfect ones. There were some dreamy invitations (and some… not so dreamy ones) but nothing I found was really ME. So I decided to custom make my own.

Of course, my background in stationary design was a big fat ZERO, so I needed to make sure I went with a company I could trust and who could give me… options! That is where Basic Invite came in. They literally have UNLIMITED OPTIONS. I am talking 180 different stationary colors. Most other websites I found averaged around 30.

Wood. Foil. Any kind of textured paper you can think of. Hundreds of unique fonts. Whatever size I wanted. One fold. Two fold. An entire storybook. You name it, they will make it available to you. And the best part? They have an online chat service that knows those options like the back of their hand. You choose a theme and they help you design your DREAM wedding invitation.

 Basic Invite Wedding Invitations Utah      Basic Invite Custom Wedding Invitations Logan Ut      Dream Wedding Invitations Utah


Have you ever been worried that your invitation that looks PERFECT online is going to show up and not be what you wanted? I had a little anxiety over this, but Basic Invite and their little print shop took care of my every worry. They sent me a printed sample of my actual invitation so I knew exactly how it would print before I placed my final order. I could feel the texture of the paper in my hands. Make sure the quality of my engagement photos were flawless. And basically double check that every last inch was perfect.

Basic Invite has the BEST customer service. They literally take care their bride’s every last need. Ordering wedding invitations was a breeze thanks to them!

Basic Invite Kylee Ann Photography Wedding invitations      Utah Wedding Invitations Basic Invite      


Are envelopes a huge stresser for every bride, or was that just me? I did NOT want to be sitting around for 2 weeks licking a thousand envelopes. SO. TIME. CONSUMING. And I absolutely cannot stand the taste. Thankfully, every Basic Invite envelope is an easy peel & seal. It is quicker. More secure. And my tastebuds were grateful!

Basic Invite Envelope Bonus: They give you options here too! With over 40 different colors available. I could not have had an easier experience coordinating the invitation and envelope colors.

Dreamy Perfect Customizable Wedding Invitations Romantic Classic      Basic Invite Customizable Wedding Invitations      


Do you have an address book lying around with all of your friends, cousins, aunts, grandparents, and random people your mom wants to send an invitation out to as well? Do you have all of those addresses for your groom’s side? That is an impossible list. But not when you use Basic Invite.

They have a FREE address collection service. It is so simple to use. All you have to do is share a link on your social media pages. Then your followers enter their addresses and you get free envelope printing. That process could not be any easier. You can be collecting addresses and have them being printed on your envelopes all while you are out to lunch with that handsome fiancé!



After the wedding is over you probably will never need another wedding cake or another OCD wedding planner, but you will need invitations. Baby Announcements, your best friend’s Bridal Shower, and clear down the road you may even want Customizable Graduation Invitations when you kick your kids out of the house!

Basic Invite is the invitation company I use and recommend to all of my closest friends. Fast. Affordable. Best Customer Service. And most importantly, DREAMY INVITATIONS! 


If you are like me and want to go stalk them some more… You can find Basic Invite on FacebookPinterestInstagram, & Twitter. And for some more Wedding Invitations Inspiration, Check out my ⊱ THE INVITATIONS Pinterest Board! Be forewarned, you will be seeing a TON of Basic Invite Pins!


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