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Bride Tip • How to Elope in Logan Utah

How to Elope in Logan Utah

The word Elope has changed its meaning in the wedding industry. It is no longer secretly running away to get married. Rather, eloping means intimate. Many brides today do not want a huge wedding with hundreds of people they do not know. They want to enjoy their special day with the ones who matter the very most. Sometimes it is just the bride and groom, but often they also invite their parents, kids, and closest friends. I have captured elopements in the high snowy mountains of Cache Valley and in front of the stunning LDS Temples. If you are wondering how to elope in Logan Utah, this is your guide!


Lower Cost.

  • Not inviting hundreds of people means there are a lot less dinners you need to buy for your guests. You do not need to spend money on renting chairs, table, and other details. YOU get to decide what is the most important to you. Do you want a bouquet, cake, or traditional wedding dress? There is not specific guideline. You do not HAVE to spend money on something you do not want! Order and plan out what is important to you and your groom. Then go spend all that extra money on a fabulous perfect honeymoon or your first home!

Simple Planning.

  • Have you been dreaming about spending a year to plan your huge extravagant wedding? If so, an elopement is not for you. But if all of that planning, planning, and PLANNING stresses you out, this could be your solution! There is no need to make yourself sick over every small detail when you only have 5 guests. An elopement can be planned in advance as quickly as the day before your wedding. My sweet bride, Amanda, and her now husband Jeff only took 10 days to plan their temple elopement. A few sneak peak of their wedding day photos are below, and you can view their entire gallery here!

elope logan utah elopement logan


STEP 1 –

The first item of business is that marriage license! You and your groom need to go to the County Clerk’s Office – 179 North Main St. Suite 102. It costs $40 and is valid as soon as it is signed! (Meaning you can get married immediately after). You can find more information here.

Step 2 –

Choose your spot! Where do you want to elope? Logan has so many great options and as long as it isn’t private property it is usually fair game. There are many parks and lookout points that we can find an intimate corner in. If you and your sweetheart have a special hangout or a “first kiss” location, those are also great ideas that really represent you as a couple. If you are LDS, a temple elopement may be the perfect spot to be married. And one of my absolute favorite options, Logan Canyon! There are so many hiking trails, the wind caves, and Tony’s Grove where Libbee and Nick’s Snowy Mountain Elopement (featured below) took place.

Step 3 –

Now it is time to hire a wedding officiate to perform the ceremony. A list of Logan officiates can be found hereAnd if either of you are religious  most church leaders can also perform a ceremony!

Step 4 –

Finally it is time to decide what wedding details you both want for your elopement. First, you need to decide who you will be inviting (if anyone)! My elopement brides have then chosen – personal vows, a bouquet and boutonniere, simple dresses and suits, and a photographer to capture it all.


logan utah mountain elopement elope in Logan Utah tony's grove snowy elopement


March 13, 2017

Katelyn Taylor

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