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Down Syndrome Awareness Project because Down Syndrome Rocks!

27 years ago the world became a brighter, better place when my Uncle B was born into this world. It wasn’t until I was about eight years old when I realized he wasn’t like me, he wasn’t like my sisters or brothers. He wasn’t like my parents, grandparents, cousins or uncles. He was better. Bryden was everything I’ve aspired to be from that day forward. I strive to have his determination, passion and willingness, but most of all; I want to make a difference. I want to teach. I want to change. I want to be everything he was to me.

In honor of World Down Syndrome day on March 21st, I wanted to introduce you to a few others that have Down Syndrome that are people just like you and me. We announced our #kyleeannpassionproject to provide all local families with down syndrome a free shoot. Here are the results. They are beautiful, happy, loving, caring people that are lighting up the world with their joy.

A message from their moms…

In 20 years we want to remember how tiny and sweet our little Aliyah was! We want to remember how sweet she was to her little sister, and how much she loves her family! Our favorite physical characteristic on Aliyah is her smile! Her entire face smiles!

I want to remember his tiny features, the way he looks at me, his gumless grin, how happy he makes me to be a mom!

Her eyes are so bright and beautiful. She has Down Syndrome but I don’t want that to define who she is. She is a sassy, funny, four year old who lights up a room. She loves people and is always saying hi to random strangers. I love it.
I want to remember his personality and love for life! He can read people really well! He knows when he is liked or disliked he knows when someone is stressed or sad. He’s the best dancer!
In 20 years I want to remember the interactions and kindness of my kids loving each other. My favorite thing he does is makes others happy. He has smiling eyes and a contagious smile.
I want to remember her laugh, her sweet smile, the way she lights up a room. I love her cheeks, her nose and her smiling eyes. She has more love inside her little spirit than anyone I know.
She has an amazing imagination, a beautiful smile and big blue eyes. I want to remember her love of laughter and family connectedness. She loves “group hugs” and does not want to leave anyone out.
In 20 years I want to remember her smile (of course), her laughter and her unconditional love for everyone. I want to remember her fingers, toes, her cute belly and pretty much everything! I love her smile, hair, eyes, but pretty much the whole package. She has hand signs that she recently started doing like hang loose and the peace sign. I love the way she tries to run, and hop. The way she loves to play basketball with her brother and dance. My most favorite would be her hugs.
Jude is the happiest little boy. He literally lights up every room he is in. We want to remember his smile and his silly personality. He has the cutest cheesiest smile and half-moon eyes. Also when he is being a ham, he will life up his hands above his head and just yell out the happiest yell with his tongue out. When we post pictures of him we now use what we call the Jude emoji which is the one with the little eyes and the tongue out. Jude snuggles are the absolute best!
I love his love for his dog Jessie. Kyler and Jessie (his dog) always make sure they are in the same room. His dog will actually wait for his bus for an hour just looking out the window for Kyler to get home from school.
I want to remember his beautiful smile and how it lights up the room and complete strangers are drawn to us everywhere we go because of how adorable and flirty he is. We are very close and Clayton has helped to bring us even closer. He was not what we were expecting but he is something even more special. He has softened our hearts and opened our minds to so many amazing people out there! We want to share our love and experiences with everyone because everyone should have a Down syndrome person in their lives. They have so much to give and so much to teach. He is only 19 months old and has already touched so many people’s hearts.
I want to remember his smile, the fire in his eyes, the joy that fills his soul. I love how he loves to sneak into someone else’s seat when they get up, and then he gets the biggest kick out of seeing their reaction. I also love how he can be so tender with someone who is sad or feeling down.
This is amazing! Your amazing for doing this and I hope that when some mother out there who finds out she is having or has had a baby rocking that extra chromosome that she can find this shoot and see just how amazing they are and how wonderful the families are! It was devastating when we took Clayton home and I was so desperate to find something that would calm my fears and worries. So I hope and pray they find your blog!

Down Syndrome Awareness

If you felt inspired today (even just once), please share. There are future parents out there that will be faced with a tough decision one day. Someone that would have no idea how much better their life could be having never met a person with Down Syndrome. My life and my families life would not be the same without Uncle B, and I know these fifteen families feel the same.

March 15, 2017

Kylee Maughan

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