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Bryce and Ciara

I’m so thrilled to finally get to share my thoughts on this couple!! I have to say that these guys have a special place in my heart and I feel a little attached since I got to be there for their proposal and they lived in my apartment complex when they met last summer. They were the couple everyone whispered about, “Are they dating yet? They would be so cute together…” :) Bryce met Ciara and was basically instantly smitten with her. She took a little more convincing… She was determined that she was going to avoid any sort of serious relationship since she’d kinda lost her trust with the whole dating thing. Fortunately, Bryce isn’t someone who takes ‘no’ for an answer and over the next few weeks, was consistently around, offering friendship and dates until she finally figured she’d obliged him. Then she never looked back. Bryce not only supports her in times of stress and trial, but loves her unconditionally. All you boys reading this take note of Bryce’s example!! (I’m curious how many boys are reading this….;))

This past February Bryce enlisted help from Ciara’s roommates and one of his roommates to set up Ciara’s dream proposal. It was super important to him to include USU in his proposal since the school is such a central part of their relationship. So they set the stage at the top of Old Main Hill. Let me tell you it was cold but worth it to hide near a tree to capture the best moment of Ciara’s life so far. The best part was he got there and then proposed at exactly 9:59pm, so when she said yes and kissed him, the 10pm Old Main bells rang. It was magic!!

Ciara and Bryce fit so well together. This was proven in the first minutes of their session. I don’t think they have a bad angle or side! He loved snuggling her and she was a vision in her twirly dress!! I will say it over and over that spring has breathed new air into my work. Something about the extra oxygen in all the blossoms and orchards has be obsessed with this season! They are the most happy couple and and I love how their happiness extends to everyone they are around. My face hurt from smiling behind the camera at them so much!! Love these guys.

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April 13, 2016

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