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Business with Purpose | Lowgen Co. Earrings

A Business with Purpose | Lowgen Co. Earrings

When Rachael started Lowgen Co, she had purpose! It all began in September of 2020. Being a huge animal lover and dog owner, when one of her precious dogs named Harlow Hagen got sick and hospitalized, she started her etsy shop to pay for her Harlow’s recovery. Thankfully Harlow is healthy and happy, AND Rachael found an amazing passion for her creations! The perfect quarantine launch if you ask us!! She came up with Lowgen from the harLOW haGEN. We love it!!

We were able to connect with Lowgen Co Polymer Clay Earrings maker Rachael through another one of our amazing brand owners, Kaelynn Priest! She runs a fantastic shop called Poppyseed Play and teaches other Etsy entrepreneurs! Rachael enrolled in Kaelynn’s course and found us through her! We’re so grateful for all our amazing KAS brands!

A Business with Purpose

Opening Rachael’s box made me gasp out loud! All I knew was that they were clay earrings. Her craftsmanship absolutely blew me away. They are so soft and lovely! The clay material is so light and easy to wear. They photographed beautifully!

Rachael’s two main words for her brand we’ve chosen are minimal and natural! Those two simple words became an easy guide for shooting product photography that’s making her stand out in the crowd on Etsy and Instagram! Elements like ceramics and florals tied in so easily with her designs. And the designs themselves were such beautiful and unique shapes! They are so fun to play with and arrange. We were able to give her a full, diverse gallery for both of her launches!

A Business with Purpose

A few pairs may not have made it back to Rachael because I bought some for myself! It’s been so fun watching Rachael and her drive. She’s in the midst of taking care of her sweet animal pack, working 9-5, hustling her Etsy shop, AND planning her wedding!! We’re cheering you on big, Rachael! We LOVE a business with purpose! Thanks for letting us take product photography off your hands so you can focus on all your other amazing ventures!

A Business with Purpose

May 5, 2021

Mandi Christensen

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