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Children Modeling Tips | Beba Bean

Here at Kylee Ann Commercial, we are always needing child and baby models! We have such amazing models and love working with them! Sometimes, kids will be kids and things don’t go as planned and that is totally okay and normal! I am sharing some children modeling tips on how to help your child have a great modeling experience so that they have fun and want to model again!

Children Modeling Tips Children Modeling Tips

  1. Make sure they are fed and rested before their shoot. We all know how it is when we are hungry or tired. We often aren’t our best selves when we are hungry and tired!

  2. Bathe your child, wash their face and help them look fresh for their photo shoot! It is helpful for your brand photographer when your child has a clean face! That way we don’t have to edit any little crusties off of their cute faces. When your child looks their best, it will help them feel like their best, confident self! Often, moms bring lotion with them and apply it to their face before their session if they are having trouble with dry skin.

  3. Change your baby’s diaper as you get to the shoot and put on their first outfit. That will possibly help your child’s mood having a clean diaper, and the photos won’t have any bulging diaper bums!

  4. Communicate with your child what it is going to be like taking pictures, about how many poses they will do, what the studio is like and any other details that will help calm their anxiety. Tell them you’d like them to be happy and to have fun!

  5. Teach your child some poses at home! You can teach them how to put their hands on their hips and do fun poses! You can give the poses fun names and help guide your child at the photoshoot with the fun poses they learned at home!

  6. Reward your child for their awesome behavior with a sucker or treat. Often, parents will bring yummy snacks to keep their child motivated during the shoot!

  7. If possible, leave siblings who aren’t participating home to help cut down on distractions. This isn’t always possible, and we love having siblings at the studio and sometimes they can help us get happy faces from the model!

Children Modeling Tips Children Modeling Tips

These tips can help you have a positive modeling experience! Photo shoot days can often be crazy and chaotic, and we appreciate the model families being patient with us and helping us create beautiful images for the brands we work with!

December 7, 2022

Nicole Erickson

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