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Coronado Beach Family Photographer | Cooley 2022

Coronado Family Beach Photographer

Laurel hired me back in August to be their Coronado beach family photographer for their extended family session. They were referred to me by a previous client Lindsay Funk. Laurel and Lindsay were roommates in college together and I shot Lindsay’s family pictures this summer! Lindsay was also friends with my husband Jordan in high school!

Following tradition, Laurel’s in-laws plan a yearly beach vacation for Southern California. They come from all over to get together for these trips. Half of the group lives in Arizona so they frequent the area quite often. Although they were staying at Mission Beach, I talked her into coming to Coronado for her pictures and they did not regret it!

Coronado Beach Family Photographer


Coronado Island is 20 minutes south of Mission Beach and home to the famous Del Coronado Hotel! To get to this location, you cross the Coronado bridge from downtown into a little slice of beach neighborhood heaven. As you pass through town, you’ll find tourists and locals waving from beach cruisers and golf carts. After you have parked and made your way down the staircase to enter the beach, you’ll find a series of large sand dunes topped with green sea plants. Fun fact: from the air, you can see these dunes spell out CORONADO. I knew this spot would be the best goldeny spot for the Cooley family because there is so much room for the kids to run and roam without worrying about trying not to get a ton of people in your shot!

Coronado Beach Family Photographer Coronado Beach Family Photographer Coronado Beach Family Photographer


I started posing the family at the dunes. We showed up in time for the sun to hit the tops of the mounds and create some cool shadows. We started with the whole family first. The Cooley family outfits complimented the light sand perfectly with their blues, tans, and whites! Finally, after we got all the shots we needed with the large group and the individual groups, we ran down to the ocean to grab a few shots before the sun went down. I love this part of the shoot because everyone has warmed up and are ready to play when we get to the water! It’s my favorite thing about being a Coronado beach family photographer!

Coronado Beach Family Photographer

October 26, 2022

Shelby Preston

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