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The Importance of Extended Family Photos: Keeping Memories Alive

The Importance of Extended Family Photos: Keeping Memories Alive

As the family grows and expands, it becomes impossible to gather all the members in one room at the same time. That’s why it’s essential to invest in extended family photos that will bring everyone together and remind you of the bond that holds your family together. At Kylee Ann Studios, we take pride in providing the best extended family photography sessions, ensuring that you have treasured photos that your family will cherish for generations to come. Join us as we explore what’s included in our Extended Family sessions and why it’s essential to schedule a session with us.

1. The Entire Family Shot

One of the most crucial moments in an extended family photoshoot is capturing a group photo of the entire family. We know this can be challenging, especially when you have members living in different places or have a busy schedule. That’s why we take charge and ensure that everyone is settled and ready to pose before the shoot begins. We’ll help you get the best picture of the entire family together, in different poses, and with different settings. Our photographers are skilled in creating an atmosphere that will make the shoot fun and memorable.

The Importance of Extended Family Photos

2. Smaller Group Shots like just the Grandkids or Siblings

While the big family picture is important, we also understand that you may want to create smaller group shots like just the grandkids, siblings, boys, girls, and whatever other combo you want! These shots bring out the unique qualities that each group possesses and ensure that no one feels left out. Our team works with you to ensure that we capture all the special moments and events that unfold during the photoshoot.

The Importance of Extended Family Photos

3. Individual Pictures of Each Family

Last but not least are family pictures of all individual families. At Kylee Ann Studios, we ensure that your family picture wall is updated and matching by creating individual portraits for each family. These pictures are just as important as the group shots, as they capture the personality and essence of each family member. Our photographers work with each family to bring out their unique features and capture their personalities.

The Importance of Extended Family Photos

What’s Included:

Our extended family photography sessions are geared towards giving you the best experience possible. And what’s more, we offer the following:

  • edited digital images from each session

  • personal online gallery for easy access and sharing

  • personal use print release

  • quick turn-around time

  • additional retouching or head-swaps on all print orders

The Importance of Extended Family Photos The Importance of Extended Family Photos

In conclusion, extended family photos are essential in keeping memories alive and creating a lasting bond between family members. At Kylee Ann Studios, we take pride in providing the best photography sessions that capture the essence of each individual member while bringing the family together for an unforgettable experience.

Our team ensures that everyone is at ease during the shoot, making it a fun and exciting experience for everyone. So, why not schedule an extended family photography session with us today and create lasting memories that your family will cherish for years to come!

January 5, 2024

Kylee Maughan

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