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Extended Family Photographer in Logan Utah

I love being an extended family photographer in Logan Utah. Extended family photos are one of my favorite things because I know how important they are to families. I take documenting families very seriously and I love when I have clients who value photos as much as I do!

Extended Family Photographer in Logan Utah

A lot of times we take our photos and just enjoy them on our phones or computers. We put the photo as our phone background and post it on a special occasion on Facebook or Instagram.

Extended Family Photographer in Logan Utah

Today I have some ideas for you to get more use out of your precious family photos!

  1. Print copies of the family photos and send them to your loved ones. Your parents, grandparents or siblings! Parents and grandparents often like to display family photos in their home!

  2. Make a Christmas card! This can be an undertaking, but once you get the hang of it, it can go smoothly from year to year. It is fun to look back on the changes your family has made throughout the years. Some people store their Christmas cards in an album or on a loop so that they can easily flip through them.

  3. Sign up for chatbooks or a similar album subscription! You can have a photo book printed every month or as often as you like! This is a fun way to keep track of family memories and the kids love looking through them.

  4. Print out classic 4×6 photos and put them in a classic photo album! It is nice to have prints as needed for school projects and things like that. This is also a fun way for family members to look through family memories.

  5. Create a high quality photo book and have it printed professionally. This is something you can ask your photographer about and they will have recommendations for you! This is great as a coffee table book.

  6. Use frames with family photos as decorations around your house. Everytime you get new family photos, update the photos in your frames. You can also use canvas gallery wraps or other pieces of artwork to display in your home!

  7. Make bookmarks with your family photos on them! Kids will love to have a cool bookmark with a picture of their loved ones on it.

Extended Family Photographer in Logan Utah

These are just a few ways to maximize your family photos and enjoy them throughout your home and daily life.

What is your favorite way to display your family photos?

February 20, 2023

Kylee Ann Team

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