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Extended Family Pictures in Bear Lake Utah

It’s not very often that I do a morning session, but lucky for us…this morning was perfection. Usually 9 am is pretty bright, and hard to take great pictures in. When I showed up at their private beach in Garden City, the light was perfection. The overcast made for a Lightbox in the sky. We love Extended Family Pictures in Bear Lake Utah!

This cute family came together from three states for a family reunion. They rented an airbnb in Bear Lake that had access to a private beach. The private beach was a quick walk from the back door.

Their Extended Family session went so smooth, and here’s why:

1. No one complained.

Not even once. Thats a rare sight. And don’t worry – I can handle the complainers too. But when everyone is just cooperative, it goes so much smoother. I pride myself in being a very efficient photographer. I want the experience to be as painless and easy as possible. I use lists in my head to work through things quickly. I’m not fussy about set ups. And the pictures turn out amazing.

When everyone cooperates the way this family does, its even faster!

2. Pictures WHERE they were staying

This is the BEST way to do Extended family pictures. When everyone can get ready, then walk outside! I know not every rental has a great backdrop, but when it does, take advantage. This private beach was completely empty. It was so close that everyone could come out when they were ready.

Extended Family Pictures in Bear Lake Utah


3. They sent me a list of what was a MUST

I use a mental list for every session. And their list matched mine. But knowing what their priorities were helped me make sure to get all the shots quickly! I knew their top priority was the big group picture. I knew all the siblings names, and what pictures their individual families wanted. And because we had this list, there was a lot of time for individual pictures and special pairings too.

Extended Family Pictures in Bear Lake Utah Extended Family Pictures in Bear Lake Utah

Extended Family Pictures in Bear Lake Utah Private Beach

March 15, 2023

Kylee Maughan

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