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Gifford | Family Pictures in Downtown Logan Utah

The Gifford family picks a new location, and new vibe each year. And each year is my new favorite. This year they decided on Family Pictures in Downtown Logan Utah. They typically get new dresses. The formal look suits them very well. But this time, instead of buying all the girls new dresses, Cachet bought the family new Nikes. CAN YOU EVEN. So cute. We love this causal matching look in Downtown Logan. It was so fun to shoot right on Main Street and Center street with these gorgeous matching people.

10 Tips for Taking Great Family Photos with Little Kids

Capturing family photos with little kids can be both fun and challenging. You want to get a great photo of your family, but you also don’t want the kids to feel overwhelmed in front of the camera. That’s why it’s important to keep these 10 tips in mind when it comes time to take those family photos!

  1. Get them comfortable. Before you start taking pictures, get your little ones comfortable by letting them explore their surroundings and getting them excited about having their picture taken. Talk to them about how fun it’ll be and give lots of encouragement leading up to the shot.

  2. Keep it short and sweet. Young children have a short attention span, so try to keep the photo session as short as possible (Minis are great for young kids!). This way they won’t get bored or cranky and will stay engaged for longer periods of time throughout the session.

  3. Let them choose poses, roo. No matter how much you plan for certain shots, let the kids decide on some poses themselves – after all, this is about capturing their personalities too! Ask them what kind of pose they want to do before or after the real pose.

  4. Bring props or activities if needed. You know your kids best. If they need a stuffed animal or a special toy, bring it!

For Photographers…

  1. Get down on eye level with your kids! When taking pictures of small children, it’s important to remember that they are much shorter than adults – so make sure you crouch down on their level while taking pictures to capture natural expressions without forcing unnatural poses!

  2. Take lots of candid shots! Candid shots can often capture a child’s true personality better than posed shots; so make sure you take plenty of candid images too! Candid images can also be great for creating more meaningful family albums filled with memories rather than just posed portraits taken at arm’s length from every angle imaginable!

  3. Make it fun for everyone involved Make sure everyone has fun throughout the entire photo session – both parents and children alike – by playing games together or telling jokes in between shots (anything that gets everyone laughing!). Not only will this help keep everyone engaged during the shoot, but it will also lead to more genuine smiles captured in your photos as well!


For everyone…

Be patient. It’s normal for young children not to cooperate at times – so don’t worry if things don’t go according to plan during a photo session; just remain patient and keep encouraging participation from your kids until things start coming together naturally again – eventually they’ll get used to having their pictures taken again before long!.

Taking great family photos with little kids isn’t always easy but with these helpful tips, we hope that families everywhere will be able create beautiful memories together forever captured on film! With patience, creativity, and lots of encouragement no doubt these sessions will turn out even better than expected!.


Gifford | Family Pictures in Downtown Logan Utah

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April 17, 2023

Kylee Maughan

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