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Fun and Playful Brand Photos | Shady Bay Co

Fun and Playful Brand Photos | Shady Bay Co

There has been a really beautiful trend happening lately of cloth backdrops! It’s so organic and easy feeling and adds such lovely texture to your brand shoot. For Shady Bay Co in March we brought it into their fun and playful brand photos! I just can’t imagine a better texture than a fabric backdrop to pair with the most buttery soft pajamas for kids. We have been actively campaigning Shady Bay’s owner Sarah to create an adult line! ;) We just love her and her products!

Want to try this trend without diving deep into your business pockets? This gorgeous backdrop is from Harbor Freight! The key is to wash and dry it before you use it!! First of all it gets that funky smell out, and also because it softens the fabric really well. I’ve seen tutorials where you can even bleach them for a softer look! ( and I’d bet if you were adventurous you could add some dye to it too if you wanted another color. Go for it!!

I got the biggest one they had at our Harbor Freight store which was 9’x12’! It made it so easy to be able to get all the shots. I didn’t feel trapped in a tiny backdrop. And even though it was a ton of fabric it wasn’t too heavy. My backdrop stand held it up great!

Our beautiful models were almost all siblings or best friends! Which is a fantastic way to easily create playful and fun moments in the pictures! My best friend models came running hand-in-hand into the studio as soon as they were ready! We all had gigantic smiles seeing how happy they were! And their joy translated so well into the pictures. They were already comfortable with each other! They loved singing and dancing!

A quick and easy way to create movement and joy in photos is music! I keep an Echo Dot in my studio so I always have music at the ready! If you ask it to just play “toddler music” or the Disney station, you’ll have instant smiles! And dance parties!!

Fun and Playful Brand Photos Fun and Playful Brand Photos Fun and Playful Brand Photos Fun and Playful Brand Photos Fun and Playful Brand Photos

May 21, 2021

Mandi Christensen

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