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Grace Idaho Family Photographer

I really am a Grace Idaho Family Photographer! I grew up in beautiful Grace, Idaho, Niter to be exact! It is one of the loveliest places I have been! I love going to Grace to take family pictures for the sweet people of Grace, Idaho.

Grace Idaho Family Photographer Grace Idaho Family Photographer Grace Idaho Family Photographer

I first got to take pictures for Jordan and Brigg when they got sealed in the Logan Temple! They dressed up in their wedding attire and we took bridals around the Logan temple! They are such a fun couple. They have now added a baby to the family who is super cute and sweet. We met up in the Grace area to take their family pictures now that they have added a baby to their family! I did a few mini sessions in Grace and they were one of them!

 We went to the powerplant to take family pictures. It is a great place to take pictures because there is a lot of variety. There are pretty tall trees that filter the light, tall grass, water, and a footbridge. The evening light is really pretty when the light goes behind the hill and we can use any of the scenery facing any direction.

Grace Idaho Family Photographer

It was so fun to get several different family poses, shots of just mom and baby and just dad and baby and shots of Jordan and Brigg together. The baby was kind of burnt out from pictures but we did our best to get some cute pictures of him and they did not disappoint!

Jordan and Brigg came prepared with a bottle, blanket and pacifier for the baby to try and keep him happy during their session. You can never be too prepared for family pictures and you never know what you will need!

Grace Idaho Family Photographer
I wanted to share a list of some summer essentials for family pictures!

Bug Spray 

Basically any location lately has annoying bugs! I forgot bug spray the other day and came home with a few mosquito bites! From now on, I am going to try and remember bug spray!


It gets so hot in the summer! If you have a big group, I would recommend bringing a cooler of cold water!


Snacks can help with any hangryness that goes on during a session! Easy snacks like crackers, fruit snacks, puffs or smarties work well for small children!

Baby wipes

You never know when there will be a booger emergency. I highly recommend coming prepared with wipes!

Grace Idaho Family Photographer

Some things I have noticed that I need to keep on hand as a photographer are clothes pins, scissors, bobby pins and bug spray!

Being properly prepared for your family pictures can change the whole outcome for your family pictures!

Let me know which of these tips you found most helpful!

July 22, 2022

Nicole Erickson

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