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Meet Kylee

Hamilton Montana Wedding Photographer | Mariah and Karill

I’m so excited to share these engagements with you because it’s like getting to share a family member with the blog! I have seen this groom, Karill, grow up and it’s such a treat to also get to see him fall in love! Karill and his family moved in across the culdesac from us almost 15 years ago. Our families have been friends ever since! He found his dream girl in Mariah and basically from when they started dating it was obvious this was a forever thing. They match each other so well and pull out the best in each other. We had the best time adventuring up in the snow at Lake Como! They were such troopers to go into the snow and the lake did not disappoint! They have such a sweet love story I am going to let you read it in Mariah’s own words!

High School Choir

“Karill and I first met in high school, we did choir together. We had some mutual friends. Karill went off to college at Utah State and I was year younger. Then he came home to Hamilton after his first year and moved to Alabama and I went to Bozeman for college. He came home from Alabama to be closer with his family. We reconnected over Christmas break of my freshman year of college. We always stayed in contact over the years but when we were both back in Hamilton for a short amount of time we reconnected!”

Their First Date

We had a lot of movie dates with each others families, it was so much fun connecting with them so quickly. We started dating on February 4th of 2017. Our actual date was later, we went to Grease the musical! In high school we did two plays together throughout our years so it was nice to support the kids because we had been in there shoes! We went to a restaurant downtown for burgers and ice cream and then proceeded to go to the play. For us it’s the little things that matter the most.


The Proposal 

It was Friday the 31st of August! It was the rodeo weekend in Hamilton and you can never miss the rodeo. We went on a walk down by the bitterrot river. He had one of my friends that is starting to take pictures/videos come with us so she could practice her skills is what he told me! But once we got to the river she told us to turn around and look at the mountain range behind us so we did. He had lanterns, flowers, candles and a beautiful sign that said “My favorite love story is ours. Marry me for our happily ever after!” I turned around and he was on one knee with the prettiest ring in his hand. Of course I said yes, we took some more pictures and we headed to the rodeo where our family & friends were waiting for our arrival.

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