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Hammond Family | In Home Newborn Pictures are so Personal

In home newborn pictures are always so personal. These certainly were…

The Hammond Family

When you’re a photographer, you have a very close relationship with your clients. Like, for example, clients will share their insecurities with me. I’ve been in their homes and bedrooms frequently. I point out the gunk in their teeth and manhandle their hair… Photography is a pretty intimate business.

I was more invested in these family pictures than a photographer usually has the right to be. Because the Hammond family adds an additional layer of closeness by being both my client and my next-door neighbor. Which is why, I was invested in her pregnancy and informed about her progress. So, when I woke up one night to ambulances and first responders rushing into the Hammond’s home, I was scared. I knew it had to be the baby, even when she was a few weeks from her due date…


I think I speak for the whole neighborhood when I saw we were all very concerned and scared for hours after the ambulance left. We are all so relieved and glad everything ended up being okay after a the quick emergency birth.

In Home Newborn Pictures

Big brother & sister lost no time in showing me all the reasons they are SO excited about baby Bennett. Mom and dad’s faces were filled with relief, love and wonder at their newest little one. I could feel the love radiating from them during the whole session. Can you?

Taking the Hammond’s family pictures was a delight. It’s fun to do pictures in home with the family’s personal touches & decor. Especially with newborns, lifestyle sessions seen so fitting. Families are more comfortable in their home. Which makes the session feel more organic and candid. It looks that way through the lens, too.


July 16, 2021

Kylee Maughan

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