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Happy Anniversary

Three days before our first anniversary my husband and I were shocked to find out that I was pregnant. Even though we weren’t planning on starting our family after just one year of marriage, it was the most exciting time.

On our first anniversary we stayed the night in Seaside Oregon during a huge storm. It was the first vacation where we weren’t with family. The entire day was spent planning our big reveal. First we got a caricature of Luke and I walking on the beach pregnant. Then we bought Brody his first jacket. It was red. Luke and I bought matching ones. We went to lunch and then sped home to create a video to show the family. Despite being a bit nauseous and really emotional, it was perfect.

Today is our second anniversary. Two years ago, I walked out of the Portland Temple with Luke by my side…and he’s still there. He was there sleeping on the concrete floor with me the first time I got the stomach flu. He was there when I decided to start my photography business. He was there doing the dishes by hand in our dumpy apartment with no dishwasher. He was there when I got in my first car accident. He was there when I gave birth to our beautiful son. He was there every sleep deprived night. He’s always there no matter what and I know he always will be.

Last year I didn’t think I could love him more than the day I married him. This year I was proven wrong yet again. Watching him become a father has been the most incredible experience. I love the way he can make Brody laugh like no one else can. I love how he kisses us both goodbye every morning even at 6 AM when we are both still asleep. I love how his face lights up when Brody smiles at him. I love my boys more than anything.

For all you nonbelievers, I want you to know true love does exist.

P.S. Thank you all who participated in the creative couple giveaway! I was touched by the meaningful ideas, and excited about all the creative ones. I’m sorry I can’t give all 17 of you free sessions. The winners of the Free Creative Couple Photoshoot are… Betsy & Max! Congratulations guys :)

March 12, 2013

Kylee Maughan

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