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High Quality Kids Shoes Shoot | L’amour Shoes

High Quality Kids Shoes Shoot | L’amour Shoes

Meet L’amour Shoes! From our beautiful clients, “L’Amour was established to bring a fresh spin to classic children’s shoes so that little citizens around the world could appreciate them anew. We reinterpret the classics to make them relevant today – and to meet the needs of kids’ dynamic lifestyles.

Our classic shoes offer incredible value and durability, such that families across generations keep coming to our shoes for their little ones. Grandmothers who once bought our shoes for their daughters now buy them for their granddaughters. We are proud of our artisanal origins and our ability to maintain the quality of craftsmanship for over three decades.”

High Quality Kids Shoes High Quality Kids Shoes

Showcasing a brand that has over thirty years of selling to repeat families is such a privilege. We LOVE seeing the details that they bring to every single shoe. These really are shoes you can put your grand babies in someday, or shoes to buy the grand babies you have now! 

Our most recent shoot was fresh and clean and elevated-just like L’amour! We loved rolling out the colored backdrops and letting our cute models play. Because really, what better way to show off how great these shoes are then on the little feet that’ll wear them?! Every model was excited to slip on the next pair and see how well they could dance and jump and play in them!

High Quality Kids Shoes

We all know by now how important a good rounded gallery is too though! So don’t think for a second we skipped out on the other half of a classic Kylee Ann Team shoot-flat lays!

Patterns and playful positions are our favorite way to show off L’amour’s shoes in our flat lay world. The colors and styles all play SO well together! Simple little accessories always help show off the season we’re shooting for with L’amour. 

High Quality Kids Shoes

April 28, 2021

Mandi Christensen

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