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How I Switched from a Full-time Wedding Photographer to Brand Photography

I started as a “lifestyle photographer” shooting everything with people.

For most of the last nine years, I was a wedding, family, birth, commercial and senior photographer. I did it all because I liked it all. I didn’t want to find a niche because everything lifestyle was exciting and connected me to new people. I was very profitable but I was also doing way too much to do anything one thing amazing.

I loved being a wedding photographer but giving up all my nights and weekends was hard on my family

I LOVED being a wedding photographer. I love the chaos of a wedding day. I love the relationships I got to build with my clients through engagements, bridals and the wedding day. I felt like I left every wedding with a new family. BUT my kids were getting older and working nights and weekends was getting harder.

I realized I could have a successful and profitable business without giving up any nights or weekends

In the beginning of my commercial photography journey, I just took one or two shoots a week during the day. And then I realized didn’t have to work nights and weekends to have a successful business. I could work while my kids were in school. I could work during naptime. I could work from my guest room.

So that’s when the transition began. I cleared out my office, and turned it into a makeshift studio. It was squishy, but it worked for two years. We constantly were running upstairs to my room or my kids room when the 10×10 room wouldn’t suffice for the brand we were shooting. I even bought a new crib to put in my office so that I could start shooting more baby products.

If you build it, they will come.

A year later, we began building our home and dream studio in the backyard. At that point I was a part-time commercial photographer, and still doing all the other things, too.

“If you build it, they will come.” Well, that’s exactly what happened. I started a new instagram account and website for my commercial work, opened the studio and I have been full-time in brand photography ever since.

Now I teach photographers how to find their niche in brand photography.

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September 3, 2020

Kylee Maughan

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