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Madi and Jake | Big Cottonwood Canyon Engagements

Jordan Pines Engagements

To tell Madi and Jake’s story we have to go back quite a few years to a summer acting camp in their neighborhood when they were 13 and 14. They both decided to take part in this play and they were casted as lead players in the story. Madi was thrilled because she had a crush on Jake from the very beginning. Their characters were romantic interests in the play and he even proposed during the play. Madi couldn’t help thinking about what that what feel like if it were in real life!

Cottonwood Canyon S Curve Engagements

Last fall I met Jake at his sister Natalie’s wedding! Natalie and Colin waited to have their wedding so that Jake would be home from his mission in time to be there! That day was really important for Madi and Jake as well. It was that night that Madi sent him a Facebook message! They started talking to each other for the first time in a long time! They loved to reminisce on their old performances tapes from that summer.

Cottonwood Canyon Storm Mountain Engagements

 Their first date was to Temple Square Christmas lights. They quickly realized that things were different than with anyone else and that they wanted to spend their lives together. He took her to the Layton Amphitheater where they performed for the summer camp that they did when they were younger. It was such a special moment because his character in the play proposed to her character during that performance, and it was so sweet and nostalgic. She was so excited to say yes!

Down East Floral Dress Engagements

Madi and Jake made me laugh the ENTIRE night together! They are sooo fun to be around and we just clicked! Everything flowed so naturally with them and and I was especially inspired by Madi’s AMAZING hair. Our hair is about the same length so I know how much time goes into curling hair this long! They knocked it out of the park with their outfits! Madi’s floral dress was the perfect pop in the canyon backdrop! Jake is so caring and patient with Madi… truly wants to serve her and was so adorable helping her walk through the rocks and branches. We really went on an adventure together when we got to the place we were hoping to go and found 8 feet of snow! We found these amazing spots together and I’m happy to say that a happy couple + beautiful light is the perfect recipe for amazing engagement photos! It was so hard to narrow down my fave pics of Madi and Jake but her are just SOME of my faves! Enjoy!

Madi’s Outfits:

Dress: Down East

Pink Shirt: Journey Five

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Natalie and Colin’s Wedding Day- Jake’s Sister! 

Natalie and Colin’s Wildflower Engagements

Bright and Classy Wedding Day

High School Sweethearts Married at their High School 

Classy City Creek Wedding Day

April 23, 2019

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