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Megan and James Wedding | Cedar Hills Golf Course Wedding

Megan was in my ward a few years ago and I remember meeting her and just seeing so much class and grace in her. Seeing her as a bride, these thoughts are amplified a million degrees!! With James by her side, there is nothing Megan can’t do!! I loved getting to spend my Tuesday with these guys a few weeks ago. Even though it was a weekday, they had plenty of family and friends there to celebrate them AND they got to take off to Hawaii a few days early;) They were married at the Payson Utah Temple. James’ family is from the area and they had so many smiling faces there to greet them as husband and wife. After some family portraits by the fountains, we headed to first a yummy luncheon and after to their Cedar Hills Golf Course wedding. The venue was breath taking! I loved the big open space and Megan and her family did an amazing job decorating it. They strung lights above, had yummy food, cotton candy and gorgeous floral centerpieces. They had so many friends that came to wish them well and their DJ got the party started after all the traditions! I loved their relaxed wedding and how happy they were all day. I was chatting with Megan’s mom and we found out we had a cool connection! She lived in AK when she was little and my mom used to babysit her!! What a small world!! Enjoy this amazing wedding!                      


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