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Orange County Wedding Photographer | Lynette and Ian

Orange County wedding photographer – Lynette is from San Diego and Ian is from Orange County! They met on a dating app during the pandemic when dating in person was impossible. What a wonderful thing to come out of such a weird time! 

Orange County Wedding Photographer

Getting to know each other  

I had a bride meeting with Ian and Lynette in October. It was so much fun getting to know them! Lynette is so creative! She is designing her whole wedding by herself! Everything from her ring to the invitations, to the center pieces! Lynette is by her definition a “Disney freak” so her wedding has a subtle Tangled theme and I cannot wait to see it! 

As we were talking during the bride meeting, an impatient Lynette was still waiting for the proposal! Her custom ring wasn’t quite finished. Two days later she texted me with a picture of the ring on her finger! Little did either of us know, Ian had the ring for a few weeks! He had the whole proposal planned as we were speaking. 

The Proposal 

Although Lynette was waiting for what felt like forever, Ian was still able to totally surprise her! She is such a good planner and would notice if anything was off! She mentioned she was a little suspicious when Ian asked her to take the day off to go to an Orange County beach because why not wait to go on a weekend. They started the day with a delicious breakfast and then a stroll down Downtown Disney. Ian followed Lynette into any store that she wanted, so she thought something was fishy that he was so compliant haha. The next   started the day off with a nice breakfast and a trip to downtown Disney and Ian willingly followed her into any store she wanted to go in. 

The next step was to go play on the beach. They always start their beach days with a walk down the beach. It was a hot day, so Lynette didn’t think anything of it as they stopped under the pier for a break from the sun, when all of the sudden Ian pulled out a piece of paper. He started reading all the romantic things he had written for this very moment and got down on one knee, and popped the big question!

  Orange County Wedding Photographer

Engagement Session

Right away we planned their engagements! I met them up at Carbon Canyon park and we shot in the gigantic redwood trees. As an Orange County wedding photographer, this is one of my favorite spots to shoot! After a quick outfit change, we headed down to the Corona Del Mar Tide pools to finish with a dreamy beach sunset! 

I can’t wait to shoot their wedding at the San Diego temple in April!

Orange County Wedding Photographer Orange County Wedding Photographer

November 11, 2022

Shelby Preston

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