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February Wrap Up

February seemed to fly by. Maybe it’s because it’s the shortest month or maybe it’s because we were so busy. We had a fun FUN February. Here are the highlights + iphone shots.

  • Momma came to down for a short weekend. The kids were in heaven. Lauren, Mom, Piper and I had a girl’s night at the mall. It included new outfits and funnel cake! The rest of the weekend was hanging out, house hunting and yummy food.
  • I taught my second big workshop at Herm’s Inn. It was super fun and a HUGE success!!
  • I hired my first employee – Mr. Austin Falter and hired a little work out to my second employee as well – Rachel Hudson. Super excited to add these two talented, amazing people to the Kylee Ann team. I love that we are just growing and growing!!!
  • We bought a couch for the new house, and lots of pretty things for my studio! Happy Valentine’s Day to us! Pretty much all our holidays/birthdays consist of furniture and other grown up things. And we are both thrilled about it. #grownups
  • I joined the gym. Brody loves the kid’s club and Yoga  class so thats a major plus. We’re super excited to work out together at the Sport’s Academy.
  • Me + the kids went to Washington for a full week.
  • I shot lots of pretty sessions + met with lots of pretty brides. Super excited for the next few months! LOTS of perfect sessions coming up!
  • I took make up lessons from B Beautiful Artistry!
  • We had lots of fun play dates (for Brody) and lunch dates (for me).
  • February was a HAPPY month!!


And now for our favorite Brody-isms

Me:Are you pooping on me?
Me:Who’s pooping on me?
B:Santa Claus

Me: Brody you need to be patient.
B:I don’t want to be patient. I want to be mad.

*after coming home from WA to candy and our favorite foods*

B: You’re the best dad, knucks?

*descending into seattle*
Lady:Welcome to Seattle.
B:Go Seattle, go Seahawks!

What’s your favorite color?
What’s your favorite food?
What’s your favorite letter?
GUP! (this is what he calls Brooklyn)

*Runs over to Piper making loud sounds*
*Runs back*
I battled piper. I want to battle mom now.
*slow mo fall*
Now catch me with a poke ball

B:Mom, what?
B:That’s my word!

*with hand over mouth*
Octonauts, we need your help. To hold Duke.

*to the tune of Dragon Tales during naptime*
I wish I wish you would get me out.

*when I asked for a bite of candy*
Mom,that’s too spicy for you

*randomly in the car*
“Mom you need to be patient in the temple”

“Mom, will you please bring my special blanket?”

*after every time a show ends:*
“One more. Last more.”

*after going down the slide*
“Take a bow!”

*when Piper’s sad*
“I’m right here Piper. It’s okay. It’s Brody”

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March 15, 2015

Kylee Maughan

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