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Meet Kylee

Papper Apparel Dresses | Kids Brand Photographer

I have been Papper Apparel’s brand photographer since the very beginning.

Natalie has had amazing style since day one, but it has been incredible to see how she has grown this business and stayed true to her brand. The colors, styles and designs are so simple and trendy. Papper Apparel only sells designs you will love and pieces you can afford. Comfort is a priority and the colors are neutral and soft colors. Taking pictures of Papper Apparel dresses is dangerous for me. It’s like when all of my friends worked at a boutique in the mall. Instead of coming home with paychecks, they came home with clothes. Papper Apparel is trendy, simple and soo comfy. Piper LOVES the pockets and I love how easy it is to convince her to get dressed.

Papper Apparel is on the monthly brand photography subscription.

It’s the perfect package to keep her social media filled with fresh content! Since we have a photoshoot on the calendar every month, its easy to throw in new product as it comes and always be caught up on content. While we love photographing little girls in leotards and dresses, the flat lay photos we take for Papper Apparel are the highest converting pictures on their feed. It’s crazy to see how well flat lay pictures sell for most of our brands. I love putting accessories together with Papper Apparel to show off how to style your new leo or dress.

Enjoy a few photos from each of our shoots over the last several months and get an idea of what it looks like to be on our monthly subscription plan. Fresh new content for every month and season.

Shout out to London Bridges Socks, London Littles boots, L’Amour Sandals and Cash and Co hats for accessorizing these fun shoots!

Kid Brand Photographer Kids Brand Photographer

Kid Brand Photographer Papper Apparel Dresses Kids Brand Photographer

Papper Apparel Dresses | Kids Brand Photographer


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