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Logan Utah Elopement | Kiora and Josh Wedding

Logan Utah Wedding

Kiora and Josh were married during a small elopement ceremony in Logan Utah. They were supposed to be my first couple to be married this spring at one of my favorite temple and venues. But the world started shutting down around them just days before their wedding was supposed to happen. They canceled everything they had planned including the temple which officially closed only two days before the wedding day they had planned.

Last Minute Changes

They rolled with the punched and planned a new ceremony in 48 hours! They got married in an amazing clubhouse that was provided by a family member! Their love was so evident in the small ceremony. Josh didn’t see Kiora  until she was walking into their ceremony. There was so much emotion in the few guests that we had there, and they were so excited to be married to each other!

Polynesian Wedding

These two celebrated their Polynesian heritage by having leis for all the people there. They even included me! I was so honored to be included in their day in that way. I took my lei and the crown the Kiora ended up gifting to me and I dried them because they meant so much to me. I’m excited for the day in the future when we get to hold a big party with everyone to celebrate these two, but for now I’m so excited that they were able to get married in the way that meant the most to them!!

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