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Kendra and Matthew | Red Dress Photos

Red Dress Engagements

So excited to share these red dress photos! Kendra and Matthew met originally on their missions. They didn’t really know each other when they were serving in the Boston mission. But that all changed when they both attended the reunion for their mission when it coincided with General Conference last year. Both of them were not sure if they were even going to attend but at the last minute they did. He saw her from across the room and just had the biggest feeling to go over and talk to her. That’s when they exchanged numbers and really talked for the first time. The next day they went on a lunch date and things just clicked from there. Even though they were long distance from Utah to Idaho they made things work with a frequent visits. He was different than any of the other guys she had ever dated before and they fell in love quickly!

Engaged During Covid 19

They were engaged right as the Covid pandemic started descending a stay at home order. He planned a beautiful proposal complete with all the romantic things like pictures and lights at this beautiful outdoor fireplace!! She was so excited to say yes, and we were lucky to get their red dress photos taken right in time before the whole world shut down!!

Engagements at Antelope Island

We headed to Antelope Island where it was perfect weather that evening. These two can light up any place and their smiles are just so infectious. They did awesome on their outfits, and I especially loved her red dress which just popped from the background. These two have a best-friend-ship that you can see from a mile away. I’m so excited for them to be married!

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