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Photos at Family Mini Sessions

You will love these Wellsville hills November family photos! The Buie family traveled all the way from Utah County to have me take their family photos! It was an adventure for them because it was so cold outside and we were in the middle of nowhere! I met the Buie family when we were all attending college in Rexburg, Idaho. I hadn’t seen them in over eleven years! It was so fun to see them and see how much their family had grown. They were all so sweet and patient with the cold weather! Gena had to suddenly change outfit plans because of the forecast. We had to reschedule our photos a couple times due to bad weather. Her outfits worked so well with the background! I love the neutral, timeless, cozy look!

Photos at Family Mini Sessions Photos at Family Mini Sessions

Photos at family mini sessions I typically start with three different but basic family poses. This gets everyone warmed up and we can make sure we have three good money shots of the whole family! I will have everyone stand together, spread out and hold hands and change up the variation of people to give it a different look.

Next, I focus on getting a good picture of all of the kids together. This is easier sometimes than others depending on the ages of the children. I also love when I can get three different good shots of all of the kids together! After that I do a headshot for each individual child and then a photo of just the parents together in a couple different poses.

Photos at Family Mini Sessions Photos at Family Mini Sessions

Once we get all of those priority shots, we can change backgrounds and get a little more advanced. By advanced, I mean I am giving a bit more instruction for each pose rather than just standing or sitting and looking at the camera. We love to get some interactive candid photos at every session, so we will ask you to walk and hold hands, look at each other, and different things like that.

After we get a few fun poses like that, I like to get a picture of just the girls, just the boys, parents with each child and maybe even some more sibling shots or parent shots. Every family is different and has different dynamics so this looks different every time! These photos are lots of fun and we are able to capture a lot of personality!

Photos at Family Mini Sessions

We are known for our efficiency here at Kylee Ann Studios, and it really is remarkable how many great photos we get at every 20 minute session!

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February 24, 2023

Nicole Erickson

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