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Pose Ideas and Prompts for Photographing Women | Soel Made

Pose Ideas and Prompts for Photographing Women

As photographers, we sometimes run out of ideas for poses! It’s nice to have a Pinterest board open with a few different pose Ideas you are wanting to try! This is a fun little list of pose ideas and prompts for photographing women.

This brand shoot was super fun because I got to take pictures of my friends modeling these shirts! It was fun to try out different poses with them. I love blog posts with pose ideas, so that’s what I got for you today!!

Pose Ideas and Prompts for Photographing Women

Prompt 1:

Wash your hair like you are a L’oreal model. This is a fun one because it gets the subject laughing and it looks really pretty with their arms up, shaking their hair around

Pose Ideas and Prompts for Photographing Women

Prompt 2:

Swing your leg back and forth from side to side. This prompt and pose is super Instagrammy/blogger style and its super cute! Any pose that gets your subject moving is a good one!

Prompt 3:

Pop your leg back like you got a leg popping kiss! This one also gets your subject laughing and makes for a lot of cute movements to capture! I am all about capturing joy and happiness as a  commercial photographer and Kylee Ann Studios! Everyone wants their brand photos to show a happy experience using their products

Pose Ideas and Prompts for Photographing Women

Prompt 4:

Swing your arms back and forth. This pose is able to capture flattering shapes of the subject’s body as they twist their torso to the side! Creating that S shape is always flattering on women.

Prompt 5:

Throw your hand in the air in excitement and grab onto your hat with the other hand. This is a fun exciting pose and captures a lot of joy and excitement!

These are just some easy standing poses for women to capture some fun, joyful photos!! I will be back with more tips on capturing different poses of women sitting and stuff like that!

April 29, 2022

Kylee Maughan

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