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Remembering Eric Collins | Terminal Brain Cancer Family Pictures

Terminal Brain Cancer Family Pictures

“Eric has been diagnosed with a terminal brain tumor.”

“We just heard from the doctor that he has weeks to a few months left to live. We are wanting some good photos together to preserve our memories.”


I met the Collins family last fall. They were nominated for a #kyleeannpassionproject. I loved meeting their family and taking pictures of them all together with their loving dad. The youngest daughter, Whitney, even had her daddy daughter dance with him during our session since she wouldn’t have him at her wedding.

After they got the news that Eric would only live a few weeks to a few months more, they contacted me again.


As I was preparing to take their last family photos, I knew I had to do something more for the sweet Collins family. Eric has fought a long hard fight for the past year, and his family has supported him every step of the way. Photos are amazing. A beautiful way to preserve memories and tell stories. But video captures something that photos cannot.

While I was taking their family pictures, I snuck in here and there with some video. Technically, this video is far from perfect. I was hired to shoot their photos so I had to be discreet about capturing video. Because I never even told them I was recording, I didn’t have time to switch to video settings or use a monopod so I kept repeating poses. They probably thought I had no idea how to work my camera when I would pose and not fire 😆

That video has me bawling! The pictures are amazing you are so talented. I am so thankful for you!!! 💕💕💕 Priceless is an understatement. I can’t adequately express my gratitude… we love you!!! Thank you so much!!! ❤

What Mom Said About her Family

Eric is kind and loving heart and his acceptance of everyone. He just loves and accepts each family member for who they are. Eric is always the first to greet them….to say hello and give them a hug. He really is the hero in our family.
Nichole has the most happy and fun personality. Meghan has incredible strength and resolve to do what’s right. Whitney is so helpful and dedicated to family. Scott treats us like his own family. Todd has a willingness to help any way he can. Jaxon has amazing athletic ability and silly personality. Mazey has a sweet kindness for everyone. Camry gives the best hugs. Tate is smart and quick witted. Zoey has a tender heart and free spirit. Tyden has amazing eyes and I love his curiosity. Claire has a sweet little laugh and funny scowl.

 What I say About Mom

Sandy is the glue that hold them together through this trial. A loving, patient, kind, loyal wife and mother. I love her example.

“In 20 years I want to remember that we loved and laughed and had fun together. I want our family to remember Eric and the strength he is to our family.”


Terminal Brain Cancer Family Pictures

Remembering Eric Collins!









October 30, 2018

Kylee Maughan

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