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Salt Lake City Wedding | Tori and Ryan

Salt Lake City Wedding | Tori and Ryan

Tori and Ryan met in their Communications class at BYU. They had a group activity the first day and then sat by each other every day after that! For their first date, Ryan arranged for them to send lit lanterns out onto Utah Lake and then they made giant chocolate chip cookies for dessert.

Mona Lavender Farm Formal Session

From the first time we met, Tori and Ryan were friendly, fun, and very outgoing. They weren’t afraid to laugh and giggle with each other in front of me and really show me what their relationship was like. Ryan and Tori are some of the most optimistic¬† people I’ve ever met. When I tried to arrange a phone call with Tori, she let me know that she had accidentally dropped her phone in a lake, and it turns out it had happened on the day Ryan proposed to her! She couldn’t even text all her friends right away to let them know she was engaged, but she told me the story with a smile and said at least she got to get a new phone!

We did Tori and Ryan’s formal session at Mona Lavender Farm. It was a gorgeous sunny day and they had the most supportive and helpful family there to cheer them on!

Salt Lake City Temple Stair Wedding Photos 

Tori and Ryan got married on the busiest wedding day of the summer at the Salt Lake Temple. We had to wait for quite a while to use the steps. While we were waiting (and shooting some of the smaller groups) I overheard some of the members of Tori’s group speaking to some members of another wedding party. The members of the other group were being unpleasant due to the long wait, the heat, and probably being hangry. But the members of Tori’s group responded with kindness and reminded them they should be Christ-like, especially on temple grounds! I was so impressed and felt lucky to be their photographer!

Backyard Reception

The reception was held in a beautiful yard in Grantsville. The guests all came with huge smiles on their faces excited to meet the man who was lucky enough to marry Tori, who grew up in Grantsville. Near the end, Tori surprised Ryan by singing him a love song in front of the guests. I could just see him falling even more in love with her as she held his hand and shared her love through her beautiful voice! I’m so happy for this sweet couple!



July 25, 2019

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