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SIL Point of View | K + J Wedding

Recently I posted pictures from Kayla and Josh’s beautiful, wonderful wedding day. That post was from the photographer’s point of view. This post is from the sister-in-law/bridesmaid point of view. Instead of focusing on the detail shots and including all the vendors, I am going to post my personal favorites and even ones that I got to be in. It was a super fun day to hang out with my sister-in-laws and their cute families!

Also, I want to express my gratitude to my fabulous friend, fellow-photog, personal birth story photographer and second shooter, Mari Catherine of Mavin Photo. Formal family photos after the ceremony are the dreaded part of the day for any photographer, so the fact that I even got her to agree to it was a miracle. And she was super super great with the kids. It was fun to watch her in action (again). So thank you thank you thank you! (All formal photos that I am in were taken by the fabulous Mari-Catherine!)_KAP8807

Father in law, brother-in-law and hot husband._KAP8837

Brody was more interested in what was on dad’s shirt then congratulating his beautiful aunt._KAP8854

The men._KAP8897

Brody’s face in this kills me every time I look at it.


Luke’s big, crazy family including all of his siblings (minus Brady), siblings in law, nieces, nephew, parents and grandparents.

The Maughan Side.

Daddy’s girl._KAP8972

Grandpa Maughan._KAP8983

They look SO much a like. Kayla and her momma and Flint. Flint is rockin that tie.

Honey.. her grandma and housemate for the past year!_KAP9018

The old sisters!_KAP9027

ALL of the old sisters.

Uh…Rachel disappeared and Lisa is grabbing the camera. Craziness._KAP9036

That’s better ;)_KAP9024

The ladies!_KAP9389 2

The Stewart fam. Luke’s older sister’s family.
_KAP9503 2

The girls._KAP9586 2

Youngest niece, Dempsie.
_KAP9653 2
The Maughan Family. Luke’s older brother’s family._KAP9757 2

Flint and Lisa at the reception._KAP9775 2 _KAP9798 2

The girls passed out on the couch…where we all wish we were by that time._KAP9810 2

Kinda scary family picture._KAP9829 _KAP9905 2

Our only nephew._KAP9908 2 _KAP9952 2Daddy daughter dance!

October 28, 2013

Kylee Maughan

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