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Slowing it Down in 2015

2014 just about killed me. I went from being busy to insanely busy. At the beginning of the year, I told everyone I was going to limit my workload to 2 shoots a week. By busy season, I was shooting 4-6 sessions a week and sometimes 1-2 weddings over the weekend. I could not say no. On top of that, I was pregnant. I had morning sickness for most of my busy season and extremely bad pregnancy anxiety. When my two weeks of maternity leave finally came, I felt a huge weight off my shoulders. I was finally able to focus 100% on my family, my health, my house and getting ready for baby #2. I LOVE LOVE LOVE what I do and I especially love all the people I got to meet this year BUT I overworked myself. I began to resent my job and I had way too many meltdowns. (My poor husband.) I missed out on a lot of family time and my only social life was all work. I’ve been a mother of two for four weeks now and in those four weeks I’ve figured a few things out.

1. I LOVE being home with my kids during the day. I love my family time at night. I love lazy weekends where my husband is home all day. I love snuggling with my babies before bedtime. I love being home for bedtime. I LOVE having two kids. I love being able to go on spontaneous Thursday night dates. I love being able to hang out with friends again. I love not having to constantly look for a babysitter.


2. I love to be busy (with things other than cleaning my house). And I need to be busy. (not too busy though). Pre-maternity leave I worked double-time to make sure I had 1-3 blogs and Facebook posts published every week. I didn’t want to have to work at all when I brought home our new baby. Now that she has here and I’ve had a perfect 4 week break, I’m going stir crazy. I love to blog, I LOVE to take pictures, I even love to edit. I need all of that crazy to keep me sane. I’ve missed it. I love my job. so much. My camera has mostly sat on my desk for the last few weeks as my hands have been quite full. But the entire time I’ve been away, I have been craving it.

Soo after this much needed break, I’m rejuvenated and excited to get back to work. I have lots of exciting things up my sleeve for the new year and I cannot wait to see how it all pans out!


2014-15 Availability

 In order to keep myself sane and be able to do photography 100% AND my family 100%, I am only scheduling 4 sessions a month and only 2 weddings or 2 mini session days a month. Max. Bookings will be made (minimum)1 month in advance up to a year in advance. I will be offering occasional mini session dates during the slower wedding months.

December Christmas Mini Sessions $190

December 6th: 9:30  //  10:00  //  10:30 //  11:00
December 9th:  3:30  //  4:00  //  4:30

Props Included: Wreath, Mini Christmas Tree, Ornaments & Snow (hopefully)
Location: Green Canyon

20-30 Minute Sessions
High Resolution Edit Digital Images
Downloadable Online Gallery
Print Release

The Next Six Months:

November: Booked.
December: Sessions (booked). 4 Mini Sessions Available.
January: Weddings (booked). 4 Full Sessions Available.
February: 1 Wedding & 3 Sessions Available.
March: 1 Wedding & 4 Sessions Available.
April: 1 Wedding & 3 Mini Sessions Available.

November 7, 2014

Kylee Maughan

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