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Stetson & Olivia | Surprise Proposal

I have been so excited for this surprise proposal! I met with Stetson in June about photographing his surprise proposal. We had to think hard because one of the things he really wanted it to be was a HUGE surprise! Stetson told me Olivia is really hard to surprise. Haha after the night had ended she admitted she had looked in Stetson’s room for a ring a few weeks ago. She had been thinking that maybe he would purpose in August. I am SO glad we pulled it off.

Stetson met with me in our Studio and we talked about all the details of the engagement. He wanted it to be a surprise. He knew Olivia wanted her nails done when she got engaged. And he had to talk to her Dad in person before he could ask. Between her service trip to Ghana, and spending time with her family in Lake Powell we hashed out all the details in secrecy. I sent Olivia a DM on Instagram and asked her to model for me. I also sent her a style guide to make sure we got those pretty nails to show off her ring!

After Stetson had lunch with Olivia’s dad, we were in the clear! Between our crazy schedules and not wanting Olivia to figure anything we met in the canyon for me to pick up the GORGEOUS ring. I was driving to Mantua for a photoshoot and Stetson was driving home from work. Everything worked out perfectly. When I was picking up the ring Stetson told me he ordered some flowers from The Flower Shoppe. I grabbed the prettiest red roses on my way to our location. I was probably as nervous as Stetson was.

We got to our stunning location just a few minutes before Stetson and Olivia. I pretended like I had never met Stetson, asked them how long they had been dating and got to know them a little bit. I taught them all the posing rules I use. They warmed up super quick and we were taking pictures for about 10 minutes before the big question. I told Olivia to stand facing me and I had Stetson go back about 10 feet. While I was trying to remain calm I was also directing Olivia into a pose. Stetson quietly snuck back to grab the ring and flowers. As he was walking towards Olivia my heart stopped. I couldn’t believe the moment Stetson had spent so much time planning was about to happen. Olivia noticed the look on my face (I was really tearing up) and she turned around to find the sweetest boyfriend ever down on one knee, with a dozen red roses, and her new ring. As her body dropped down a little, her hands came to her face, and I snapped away at the tender moment. Tears formed in Olivia’s eyes as a giggle came to Stetson’s. They embraced tightly and we all breathed a sigh of relief.

I couldn’t be more happy for this sweet couple. I got to know Stetson throughout the planning process and I’ve never seen someone more in love. He took so much time and put so much thought into every detail. His eyes lit up every time he told me about Olivia. Congrats to the future Mr. and Mrs. Palmer!

Flowers: The Flower Shoppe

Ring: Shane Co.

July 20, 2017

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