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Taking the Stress out of Family Pictures | Christensen Family

Taking the Stress out of Family Pictures

I know for me, family pictures can be very stressful and sometimes undesirable because I know how chaotic they are. Planning the outfits, dealing with grumpy kids, and getting picture ready are some of the things that cause me stress when planning family photos. However, The finished product is so worth it and documenting my family is very important to me!

Here are some tips for taking the stress out of family pictures:

  1. Ask for help planning outfits! For me, fashion isn’t a strong point. I have lots of friends who are great at picking out outfits for family photos and coordinating them together! The times I’ve asked for help, I’ve always loved my family photos. Have your outfits ready to go before the day of the session so you are not scrambling trying to get out the door
  2. Children’s moods are often pretty unpredictable. Talking to my children about what is expected of them in picture day beforehand seems to help a lot!
  3. Less than ideal behaviors from my kids and myself often come up on picture day. Staying calm instead of losing my mind on my kids is the right choice. Haha it doesn’t always happen but making a kid cry during pictures doesn’t serve anyone.
  4. Ask for help doing hair and make up! There are professionals in that industry and using their talents for your family pictures can take some stress off of you and also you’ll love the outcome.
  5. Eating before hand helps with hangriness. Myself and my children suffer from hangriness. Another good idea is packing water. A drink can often help a child if they’re having a hard time. Having snacks on hand will also help them if they need a little distraction.
  6. Something that can help you get the results you want during photos is communicating with your photographer any of your requests. Tell them if you’re really looking forward to certain shots so they can have that on their mind! They’ll be happy to know what is important to you on picture day! It’s also helpful to tell the photographer any special circumstances of you or your children so that you can be accommodated.
    Taking the Stress out of Family Pictures

I hope these tips are helpful when you’re planning your family photos! Family picture day never goes perfectly and there is always a bit of chaos but that’s how memories are made!

Taking the Stress out of Family Pictures Taking the Stress out of Family Pictures

October 29, 2021

Nicole Erickson

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