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Using Honeybook to Manage a Team

Using Honeybook to Manage a Team | Associate Photography Team

You don’t have to work on these significant photography projects by yourself.  Build a team in Honeybook and bring them on to your project.  You can invite assistants, vendors, and clients to different workspaces within a project, streamlining task management for each team.  Honeybook allows all team members to use templates, communicate publicly or privately, and create tasks.

How to Add Team Members in Honeybook

It’s easy to add additional team members in Honeybook.  These team members can be assistants, second shooters, florists, makeup artists, and so on.

Click on your profile icon and then select Company Settings.  In the menu on the left side, you’ll see an option for Team.  Simply select this and then click on the Invite button.  You can invite as many team members to your company as you’d like without additional cost.

Using Honeybook to Manage a Team | Associate Photographer
Team Member Accounts

Your invitees will receive an email inviting them to join your Honeybook team.  They’ll create their own login password and profile when they accept your invitation.

Each team member will have basic access to your company account, including templates, the file library, and workflows.  You can also assign Moderator and Admin roles, which have additional access to your company’s Honeybook projects.

Assigning Jobs to Team Members

Honeybook team members won’t be able to do anything within a project unless they’re added to that project.  You can do this in the Honeybook project management workspace.  Navigate to your project and select the “Add Participant” icon next to your own icon.  Start entering their email address, and their information will autofill.  The team member now has access to this project.

You can assign that project to a team member by clicking on the three-dot icon on the right side of the Project Options section.  Go to “Assign to team member” and select the team member you’d like to assign the project to.

Creating Separate Workspaces for Team Members

If you don’t want all team members to have access to the entire project, you can create a separate workspace for them within the project.  Go to the three-dot icon in the Project Options and select “Add Workspace.”  Here you can create a workspace specific to whichever team members you assign that workspace, and they can collaborate to accomplish any tasks that the team needs to do.

Team Member Templates

You can create templates specific to each team member, allowing all collaborators to have their own brochures, questionnaires, and pricing structures.  As long as that team member is assigned to a project, they’ll be able to send out their own emails so you don’t have to.  This is another excellent time-saving feature using teams in Honeybook.

Managing a team for an event doesn’t have to be complicated.  Using Honeybook to lead a team allows everyone to have access to the information they need to do their job.  It also allows project leaders to see how all workflows within a project are progressing.  As a business owner, you should never be left to wonder about how your team is progressing, and Honeybook will lay it all out for you.

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Using Honeybook to Manage a Team | Associate Photographer

October 18, 2019

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