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Family of Miracles | Mott Extended Family

Family of Miracles | Mott Extended Family

I loved photographing this beautiful family of miracles at Denzil Stewart Nature Park. Right when I arrived I was impressed by how punctual they all were! They had mostly all arrived before me, which rarely happens! They were helping each other with finishing touches and just enjoying each other’s company before we started. I loved how relaxed they all were and I was so happy they were already enjoying the experience instead of stressing!

One of my favorite parts of shooting extended families is seeing the sweet relationship between the grandparents and grandchilden. This family had an extra special group of grandchildren. Two of the boys have really incredible stories of medical miracles! I contacted Mirranda, the mother of the darling little 3 month-old, Liam, and she was willing to share some of his story with us!

Liam was diagnosed with a rare heart defect at 20 weeks gestation during his anatomy scan. At two days old he had open heart surgery at Primary Children’s Hospital. Mirranda says, “He has exceeded expectations in recovery! They told us to expect at least a month in the hospital post/op, and we were out after 11 days. He ditched his oxygen and NG tube a month post op. We went from tube fed breastmilk, to bottle fed, to exclusively breastfeeding. He’s a little on the small side, but I swear he has the worlds biggest smile.” Liam is such a darling little boy with such a resilient spirit! I’m really honored I could meet him and take his pictures! As a former NICU mom myself, I know how much these babies go through and how difficult it is to worry about your baby’s health every day. I was so impressed with Mirranda’s whole family and the love they clearly have for their adorable little guy. He is such a sweetheart!

Liam’s cousin, Austin, is a miracle boy as well! Austin has a rare syndrome called WAGR. He doesn’t have irises in his eyes, is prone to kidney cancer (has been all clear so far) and a whole list of other potential complications. Austin has had to get ultrasounds every 3 months since he was born to check for growths. Austin has been through so much in his life but was still so pleasant and sweet. I absolutely loved seeing his older brother take care of him and watch out for him. They have the sweetest relationship and both take care of their baby brother so well!

I’m so glad I could meet this amazing family and hear their incredible stories. I’m so glad their cute boys are doing so well and that they could all get together for these pictures. I hope they treasure them forever!




October 18, 2019

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