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Valley View Logan Canyon | Tayler and Andrew

Instant Models

Meet Tayler and Andrew!! I love these two and so does my camera! This entire shoot I just kept thinking that these two should be the cover of a Nicholas Sparks book!!! These two have been through so much already together this year and I’m so proud of the way they have handled the last few weeks!! They are so in love and these photos showcase that! 🥰

Corn Maize First “Date”

They met on a night where their ward went on an activity to a corn maize! For both of them, it was a last min decision to attend that night…. then they met and had a blast. It was their one chance for their paths to cross because Andrew wasn’t even in the ward and I’m SO GLAD they did!! Things sparked for them pretty immediately.

UP Inspired Proposal

Andrew proposed to her in the sweetest way. While watching the movie UP! with friends, he had planned night to present her with a book he made that is just like the one from the movie that detailed all of their adventures. The last page asked her to marry him and she was so thrilled to say yes!!

Valley View Logan Canyon

I found this new location a few weeks ago and I took these two there the first time I shot there and all three of us fell in love with the backdrop!! We got to explore it together and it matched their outfits perfectly!! I love that the brought masks and guns to show their personality!!! I just love these two and can’t wait for their wedding coming up soon!!


Halfway through the shoot, emergency vehicles showed up to the little parking lot. Apparently there were some people missing in the canyon and nearly 20 search and rescue people went up to look for them! I searched online for days to see if they were found and could never find any info. I went back a few days later for another shoot and there were no longer any emergency vehicles so I’ll assume they were found!

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July 8, 2020

Rachel Hudson

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